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Clearblue Digital with weeks indicator


I had my fresh transfer on the 1st of September. Tested on the 8th got a faint positive with FRER on the 9th another faint positive. On the 12th OTD I tested faint positive and 1-2 weeks with clearblue digital. Today is my official 2nd test date and I've tested with clearblue digital expecting to see 1-2 or 2-3 but I'm seeing 3+ I'm 5 plus 1 and I just thought it would should 2-3 before 3+. Has anyone had this? Also I wee every 30 mins or so. Nausea kicked in last week. Any advice would be appreciated

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Big congratulations!! Xxxx

Thank you xoxo

Congratulations 🎉🍾

Tweeteaha in reply to Hanna1978

Thank you very much x

No that’s normal for 5 weeks congratulations x

Oh I did not know that lol I thought it had to go in order

No advice as I haven't got that far yet, other than well done, congratulations 💖💖 I think there can be variability test to test, but all seems to be going well for you!

I wish you all the best when you've reached this stage x

I had the same transfer date! Congrats 💕 I didn’t use the digital test so no advice on that, sorry. How are you coping with nausea? I’ve managed to avoid that so far but my appetite has plummeted!

Tweeteaha in reply to EL7815

Awesome. I eat everything in sight then vomit but I'm forever starving. If I don't eat I vomit if I'm tired I vomit. Its exhausting

Tweeteaha in reply to EL7815

I read its supposed to kick in at 6 weeks onwards. Mine came early.

EL7815 in reply to Tweeteaha

Ergh that does not sound fun. I truly hope it improves for you - I think mines slowly kicking in now 🤢

Tweeteaha in reply to EL7815

The joys of first trimester ey?

I'm same 5 weeks + 1 day. 😜 🤗

Tweeteaha in reply to Snowlady

Woohoo how are you both doing? Any cravings?

All sounding great! Congratulations.xx

Thank you, feeling happy but nauseous

Some people get nausea early, we are I've discovered!!xx

Hey I had this too ... congratulations. All is progressing well 😊 Xxx

Tweeteaha in reply to MrsH17

Thats so good to hear. How far along are you now?

MrsH17 in reply to Tweeteaha

I am 13.5 weeks now :) xxx

Tweeteaha in reply to MrsH17

Wow congrats. Have you had you 12 week scan

Congratulations. It’s exciting times ahead.I had my transfer on 2/9, with a positive result on 15/9 (OTD).When have you got your 1st scan?xx

You were the day after me. Did you have a 3 day embryo or a blastocyst? My scannis booked for 1st of October. My husband isn't allowed and I'm waiting to find out if he's allowed at the 12 weeks one so we can book a private one in between

I had a blastocyst.My scan is the 6 October, we are the same my husband isn’t allowed at the minute.They have told me to ring a few days before thou because there policies are supposed to be changing allowing partners to come.Lets hope they change soon and the men don’t miss out on the experience to.xx

Not long after me.. fingers crossed for you as it would be nice for your husband. Unfortunately policy at Bournhall won't change by the time my scan is due. Received midwife letters today I see them on the 5th and 7th of October. Its actually happening eek

I’m currently under Manchester but won’t be when I contact my own doctor.Don’t know what there policy is at my local hospital, might contact my doc to sort out midwife this week. It is all exciting xx

I did mine last week only cos I kept reading post on babycentre that ladies didn't get their 12 week scan on time. I was going to wait until after the scan at the clinic but I thought I'd do it early.


Tweeteaha in reply to Mimisami

Thank you 😊

Congratulations! 🌈🌺🥰 xx

Tweeteaha in reply to BettyBe

Thank you very much

Congrats lovely!! Digital tests go from date of ovulation so you've got to add 2 weeks on xx

Its all confusing, I'm just happy the bean has stuck around tp be fair. Thank you all the same x

I know, everyone usually gets concerned about it the other way round thinkinging they're not as far on as they should be.

Fantastic news xxx

Haha silly me being the odd duckling. Think after my scan I'll be more at ease

It's good to stand out from the crowd Haha. Oh definitely itll be amazing xxx

Great results, Tweet, congratulations!x

Tweeteaha in reply to hannahkc

Aww thank you very much xoxo

Congratulations 🥳 this is what clear blue said for me this time on OTD too (4+6) and I had an HCG blood test at 5+3 and it was just below 20k which they said was strong so I would say very strong result you have there! On the Nausea would reccomend ginger biscuits and anti sickness wrist bands and eating little and often xx

Oh wow. Husband and sis are convinced there are 2 in there. I'm still just hoping for 1 lol. I try to eat small but then I feel not full eat more and then vomit. You'd think I learn but nope. I have ginger tea and peppermint tea stocked as I drink those on a normal day.

Im 18 weeks with twins - boy/girl and I got 3+ on 16dp5dt (5 weeks exactly)

Oh dear. 8 more days and I may well know.

Congrats though, that's amazing

Congratulations 🥳

Tweeteaha in reply to Shazzyb25

Thank you very much

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