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2 chemical pregnancies-ivf

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Hello everyone

The last 2 transfers (1 fresh cycle, 1 FET) have ended up being chemical pregnancies. The 1st lasted 7 weeks while the second only lasted 5 weeks.

I've spoken to the clinics nurse as I asked about further tests etc as I feel something isn't quite right. She explained that the national average is 3 miscarriages before any further tests can be carried out. I feel a little undermined and dissapointed. I can't wait around for another miscarriage to happen in order to progress further and waste another embryo. I'm on my final NHS cycle, and it seems unfair that those going through fertility treatment have to endure further heartache.

Has anyone gone through something similar and been able to receive further tests?

Thank you xx

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Hi Niag, sorry to hear about your miscarriages. It's heartbreaking and it doesn't matter how long you carry them. I had 3 miscarriages ( 1 before my dd and 2 after her). I wanted investigation but was told that the they won't investigate unless it is 3 in row which is stupid. You can do private tests but they are expensive (£1500) and my specialist didn't believe in them. I had 3 failed IVFs and if I am going to have another cycle maybe it is worth to do those tests.

Good luck.x

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Niag in reply to Yalda

Thank you so much for your reply. I'm also sorry to hear your loss. It's awful, you feel like your taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

I'm very lucky to have a wonderful GP, so I think the best thing is to speak to her in first instance.

All the best with your treatment xxxxx

I'm really sorry to hear about your miscarriages - you must be very upset. I agree that I wouldn't want to do a third cycle without at least some investigations. I have heard of women being referred for tests after 2 miscarriages before but I think it depends on your GP. Have you been to your GP and asked them to refer you? Could you ask if there are any tests that can be done at the GPs (such as blood tests) that might show something? I think it might also depend upon your age - if you are older they might do tests earlier.

Just wanted to wish you all the best with your journey and really hope for a positive outcome for you. xx

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Niag in reply to City74

Thank you so much for replying.

I'm very lucky to have a very supportive GP, and I'm definetly going to see her at some point. I'm 28, but we've been going through this process for 2 years now and I definitely think something has now got to be done. Previous cycle- failed to implant at all.


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City74 in reply to Niag

That's good that you have a supportive GP - I hope she can refer you or offer you some tests. Take care of yourself x

Hey Niag,

So sorry for your losses. I myself have also had 2 and like you I was told unless I have 3 consecutive miscarriages they won't do any testing.

I decided to visit my GP in the hope they might be able to offer further testing but my GP told me that as I was already seeing a fertility specialists she couldn't refer me to anyone as it would be up to them. She also told me that she couldn't personally do any further testing as at a GP practice they wouldn't do any specialist testing and it's not their area of expertise.

It's always worth a try as every GP may be different but unfortunately I had no success with mines. I looked into private testing and it is very costly.

I personally have decided to have one more shot and then I may look into private testing. I haven't yet been back to hospital to discuss my last loss (chemical pregnancy) but my GP was quite nasty with me and actually told me that it would be unlikely the hospital would class a chemical pregnancy as a loss which I was honestly very shocked at. This is something I am going to discuss with the fertility team myself when I see them and I really hope it's not the case.

Sending you lots of luck xxxx

Thank you so much for replying

I'm so sorry, it sounds like you've had an awful time. It's difficult isn't it, although I have a very supportive GP I am very afraid she may say the same, that I'm already referred to fertility specialists and it's down to them.

I have an appointment with the consultant in March. I'm really hoping there's something they can do.

All the best xxxx

I hope they'll be able to do something for you also. It's so wrong to let us suffer like this when we're already suffering enough going through IVF.

Keep us posted on how your getting on and good luck xxxx

Hi Niag - I'm so sorry to read your story, I can completely understand your frustration. We are so lucky to have 3 attempts with the NHS but as there is no testing until after 3 miscarriages we can use all of our goes blindly following the process. I know the tests are expensive but surely it would be cheaper to test after one or two to see if they can correct something before going through cycle 3?

I don't know, it just seems so unfair. Sending lots of love and wishing you lots of luck for your next cycle. I really hope everything works out for you x x x

Hi Niag,

I'm so sorry your going through tough time and that your doctor dismissed your very real loss and pain.

We had an early miscarriage after our first ivf and were due to start ivf 2 on Monday but Im in

Sorry for the previous 1/2 message Niag, my phone had a menti and sent it before I was finished writing! Lol.

So as I was saying, was supposed to start ivf round 2 on Monday but ive been admitted to hospital ill and my ivf was postponed til next month.

We were initially disappointed, but ive since heard about something new and potentially helpful that might help you too. It's called an endometrial scratch, they don't offer it on the nhs which may be why I hadn't heard of it, but you can pay private - only a few hundred pounds to get it done - from what I gather on day 21 and it can double chances of implantation.

I haven't read too much into it but my partner has made us an appointment to see a private clinic and hopefully arrange to have it done there before our 2nd nhs round in February.

My partner heard about the scratch from a friend who's wife had an ivf loss followed by a scratch and then a successful ivf round 2. They're daughter is now 17 months old.

I'm heartened by the possibility of it helping and my postponement blip potentially having been for this reason! Lol

Similiar to the thoughts of Mommabear, I don't know why the nhs don't at least tell you "this is the package we offer, these are additional extras that may help but you'll have to pay for them", like this scratch for example. It would save them money, potentially boost their success rate stats and save us a lot of heartache if we could go into things fully informed.

Luck and love to you through this journey my lovely. Xxx

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