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It starts with the egg. VERY CONFUSED 😐


Hi everyone. I’m after a bit of advice. I’ve just finished reading it starts with the egg, and have a list of vitamins that have been advised. We’ve just finished three unsuccessful rounds of IUI, and awaiting our first IVF appointment. We’re now defined as having unexplained infertility, although my OH has had low motility in the past. According to the book, they’ve advised-

Prenatal vitamins from natural food folate/ methylfolate- 800 mcg

Vitamin D- 2,000 IU

Vitamin C- 500mg

Vitamin E- 200 IU

Alpha-lipoic acid 200-300mg/

N-acetylcycysteine 600mg

Coenzyme Q10 400-600mg.

It seems like a lot of vitamins to be taking. I’m just wondering if anyone else has experience of taking any of the above, or has any advice in general about it. I’m very confused by it all. I would be really grateful for any info xx

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Most clinics will all advise a pre natal supplement with folic acid and a Vit D supplement as standard. I also take a probiotic every day. What you take additionally is completely up to you. I used to take Macca root, Royal jelly, Vit C, fish oils, Chinese medicine and goodness knows what else but it all got so overwhelming that I trimmed it right back. There will be advocates of Coenzyme Q10 on here I’m sure as some take it. I know it’s all a bit of a minefield with supplements. Like I say, I personally have gone for simplicity now. Xx

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Hi. Thank you for your reply. It definitely is a minefield! 😊 Going to do my research and then decide on what I really need. xx

Hi, I don't have any advice on vitamins but just wondering if you have had your thyroid tested?

As this will help to determine which vitamins you need more xx

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Hi. Thank you for your reply. Yes everything came back normal. Think I’ll do a bit of research on what I really need. I was just a bit overwhelmed after, as all I’ve been taking is a prenatal vitamin and fish oils xx

Hi Gem,

I am taking Coq10, alpha-lapoic acid, vit D, folic acid, vit c, e and myo insolitol.

Have ordered DHEA supplement as my clinic said its upto me whether to take it or not as they don’t have hopes with it. Bcoz my AMH is on low side. I will be adding DHEA to my list of supplements I am taking.

Its totally up to you. As hifer said the clinic with only ask you to take pre natal vit with folic acid and vit d.

Good luck

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Thank you for your reply. I think I was a bit overwhelmed after writing down all the suggestions. But feel more relaxed now. Going to do a bit of research and then decide. Thank you 😊 You too! xx

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If you plan to take DHEA, the nurse gave me a leaflet where it says buy it from It took 7 days as it was delivered from USA.


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Okay thank you 😊 xx

Hey there! At the first NHS Fertility clinic we went to, the Dr told my partner to take Proxeed and said I should be taking Folic Acid.

We then went private (as we have no NHS funding) and the Dr told my partner to keep taking. The Proxeed, told me to keep up with the folic acid but also to take CoQ10 200mg.

I guess there are lots of opinions on it, nothing guaranteed - we’re sticking to what the specialists have said to us, the first Dr warned us that there are lots of advisory supplements but they’re expensive and don’t bother!

I guess if it settles your mind they’re a good thing, but perhaps see what your IVF clinic advises xx

Hi. Thanks for your reply. I actually didn’t think about waiting for my initial IVF appointment. I think I just got the list, then became a bit overwhelmed. My partners taking proxeed too, and I’m taking prenatal vitamins and fish oils. But yes I’ll see what they say. Thank you xx

Hi Gem, yes there are so many opinions out there. I took all the vitamins in it start with the egg, I spent a vast amount of money! I also saw a herbalist. , it made me feel like I was doing the best thing I could, and that is half the game with ivf I think. Some vitamins do help improve overall hormone profile. Just check with your clinic that what you are taking is not a problem and other than that it's up to you and what makes you feel good. I don't think they really know how much difference supplements can make to a patient, (other than the recommended folic acid and vit d) so largely it is in our hands to prepare how we feel best. Your list looks really good. Xx

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Hi. Thank you for your reply. There really is a lot. I didn’t realise before reading the book. That’s exactly it. I want to feel like I’m doing all I can. I will check with the clinic. I don’t know why that didn’t even cross my mind 🙈Thank you! 😊 xx

Hi Gem, we are in a very similar situation. 4 failed iuis plus 2 cancelled cycles. One ended in a miscarriage. We have our first ivf appointment on Tuesday. If you look you’ll see I asked a similar question s few weeks ago!

I’ve ended up taking ubiquinol, an extra folate capsule, and vit c so far?as well as my pregnacare multivitamin. I wanted to see how I felt with just a few additional supplements but now I think I might just go ahead and buy the rest. Someone recommended the Zita west multivitamins as they have the right form of folate and actually aren’t that expensive.

I’m also going to book in for acupuncture when I know a rough timeframe. I too just want to do all I can to improve our chances.

Hope this helps a bit - best of luck xxx

Hi. Thank you for replying. I’m sorry that IUI didn’t work for you. I’m really sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

That’s a good idea. To take a few and see how you get on. I will have a look at those multivitamins. Thank you for recommending. I was looking into acupuncture myself, but I’m in two minds as I’ve never had anything like that done before. Yes exactly! Just doing everything we can 😊 It has. Thank you so much. Lots of luck for your appointment on Tuesday 😊 Would love to hear how you get on xx

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