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It starts with the Egg Book


Hello, has anyone read this book and had positive results of pregnancy after reading it? Thank you

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I read this book! Turned me into a crazy. Followed nearly all the advice and had the worst cycle ever...but everyone is different so give it ago.. it may work for you

Tilly8135 in reply to leo1980

Thank you for your advice 😊

Yes - I bought the book and have been on the supplements since mid-September. Got a faint positive line this morning 8dp6dt. My eggs were collected in July, but no knowing if helped with frozen transfer. My recommendation would be ubiquitol, as also supported by quite a bit of research for healthy ageing. The best form and dose is quite expensive though. Good luck! x

Thank you, I have bought some online from Amazon so hopefully they will give me the result I’m looking for, congratulations to you xxx

Hi Tilly. Personally i didnt see massive improvement between two cycles. Same amount of blasts and same outcome. BUT i will continue the supplements any way as they are good for my general well being i suppose. Ubiquinol, omega3, folate, vit d, vit c, b12. Goodluck !!

Tilly8135 in reply to Mimisami

Hiya, aww so sorry to hear that, I’m in the same position, did you have treatment in the U.K.?x

Mimisami in reply to Tilly8135

Yes i did xx

I'm 38 and this cycle was much more successful than the one I did at 36. I managed to get 4 blastocysts with 3 pgds which is a good outcome for my age.

The 2 non tested embryos form my previous rounds ended in chemical or did not implant.

I'm 5 weeks pregnant with this transfer.

The protocol is quite different, though and I'm on a high amount of progesterone and blood thinner.

I heartily recommend the book. I followed almost everything . Same for my partner.

. Ubiquinone v important. And avoid as many chemical as possible especially bpa . I've also stopped wearing make up, perfumes, creams etc . This is sound advice for embryo transfer, too!

Ladies, pls avoid painting your nails. . It's so toxic.

Congratulations on your pregnancy, I feel there must be some hope. What blood thinner did you use if you don’t mind me asking? And did you take any supplements? I’ve just bought some ubiquinol, hopefully this will help x

I'm taking inhixa .it's suppose to help with the implantation- I bought all the supplement in the book except dhea as I haven't tested my levelsIn the book there is a section about supplements for each category. I have endometriosis and the supplements made sense.

Start 3months before the cycle. And your partner should also have his multivitamins and ubiquinone

I threw away my plastic kettle and topped cooking with non stick

I had best results after following mostly everything in the book lol. Still Waiting on my results to see of this cycle was positive but i got my first blastocyst since i started IVf

Tilly8135 in reply to Chantysal

Fingers crossed for you, keep me updated x

I believe this book helped my second egg collection, we got 6 blasto’s from that cycle although the fresh cycle failed, but we think that might be Endo related or low progesterone. First cycle before the book ended with zero blastos/nothing to freeze.

I am currently on a FET waiting to start progesterone. Wishing you lots of baby dust 🍍✨🧚🏻‍♀️ xx

KTgirl in reply to LifetoCherish

Have had this on my bookshelf for a while - Now fully come back to reading thoroughly as I too had a pants outcome on a first attempt of icsi where none of the 8 embryos made it to freeze.Totally gutted.

So figured I would try and fine tune as much as I could. Cut out alcohol alcohol completely now and have started with ubiquinol.

So will wait and see for the next go!

LifetoCherish in reply to KTgirl

I did the same re alcohol and we also removed all plastics from the kitchen (blenders/Tupperware/plastic drinking glasses etc), I wear no make up unless a one off going out (Covid has helped there lol) and all organic food, low sugar/low carbs. No body lotion, natural deodorant etc etc.

We really think this changed our outcome although we did also change our protocol. I added dhea too because I was 38 with amh of 10.1. xx

Thank you for replying, have you been trying for long? I’m 35,nearly 36 and I’m sure it is down to egg quality.x

We started in February and I didn’t react to the stimming drugs, then Covid happened so started again in July which is when we had zero blasto’s. September collection we got 15 eggs which resulted in 6 blasts...still hoping the eggs are of a good quality xx

Wow 15 eggs is amazing, what did you change between your second and third tries? I hope you get good news, fingers crossed x

Thank you lovely, really hope this FET works. We did all the above that I mentioned, hopefully you can see the messages - my message order messes up sometimes on here. xx

Tilly8135 in reply to KTgirl

Fingers crossed for you, ivf is such a hard road, when are you thinking of having another try?x

Thank you, did you make any significant changes for your better outcome?x

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