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Anyone had success with day 3 embryo transfer?

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So I had 4 eggs taken yesterday, 3 fertilised. Doc is recommending day 3 transfer, I feel that’s because they won’t make it to day 5, waiting for a response to that question. Has anyone successfully got pregnant on a day 3 transfer?


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Yes, I was gutted that none of our embryos made it to day 5, we had two day 3 embryos transfered in a frozen cycle...the only two we had after quite a few not making it. We had no hope and now 15 weeks pregnant 😊 wishing you lots of luck x

Thank you for this, my first pregnancy that I had the protocol was like a text book dream, very hard pregnancy though and four failed attempts prior to this. Because he was a 5day, I’m just panicked that it won’t work this time because they are saying to transfer at 3days. I suppose what will be will be.

I did but then miscarried at 8weeks :( but goes to show it’s possible xx

Sorry to hear about your loss, but yes I suppose it does show it can happen.

I am proud mummy to a 7 month old boy after a day 3 transfer. Wishing you all the best. xx

Hi. My friend had a day 3 transfer and he’s nearly 2. Don’t stress love. It can happen. ❤️. Good luck. Xxx

Hi,I did a day5 but it didn’t take. Next try we did day3 and I’m 36 weeks pregnant:). Yeah it works. Good luck 😀

Day 3 and and a day 2 so it can work! When there’s only one or two to choose from my consultants said there’s no advantage in waiting- day 5 is to help pick the best... Good luck x

YES! I only had two eggs that fertilised out of 6 and out of those two, one wasn't performing and one was graded average so they decided to put the average one back in to give it every chance of surviving. Not great for a 29 year old! However it only took the one and I'm 20 weeks pregnant with a little girl :) the best of luck and love to you on your journey xx

I have. Now 14 weeks. I believe the only good thing about getting to 5 days is that it's better to grade them. Don't think there's better results from 5 days than 3 days. I may be misled though. Flipping good luck though.

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Yes your right. Doc said best incubator is inside mum. I had 2 3 day embryos transferred and am currently in my 2 ww 🤞

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Muppetgirl in reply to gem2021

Happy, calm growing vibes to you. Now getting up to feed my beautiful one year old boy. 😀

Yes! Mum to 13 month twins from a 3day transfer. I had the same worries and posted something very similar on here when I found out they recommended a day 3 over day 5. Good luck!

I had one Embryo, our doctors recommended a two day transfer. I am currently 8 Weeks pregnant from that little 2 day-er ❤❤

Thank-you everyone, well I found out yesterday that my 3 had turned back into 4, a late starter apparently. Today I find out whether it’s going to be the 3 day transfer, which would be today or whether they are going to try to take them to 5days, as the doc is now considering 5days as they are doing so well. All aboard the IVF rollercoaster 🎢. I have to laugh today though, I’m having my treatment abroad, I was so exhausted yesterday I fell asleep on a lilo and burnt my backside, so if transfer is today, I’m going to be mortified 😂😂

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