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Supplements for very early pregnancy


What supplements are you on? I’m worried in not taking enough and then next second I’m worried I’ve taken too much.

Blackmores Pregnancy supplement AM and PM

Iron tablet PM

I’ve also ordered fish oil

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Your on the wrong forum hun for questions like this, these ladies are trying to get pregnant. Hop over to the NCT forum you will get some help from there 🙂 xx

(Just type NCT in the search bar top right hand corner)

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Actually it's advised that you start to take certain supplements, including folic acid, when you start ttc so the question is perfectly valid on this forum.

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I don’t think so. I wrote very early pregnancy meaning first 5 weeks when we are waiting for our test results and first scan to confirm a pregnancy.

I take Pregnacare Max if that helps 🤷🏼‍♀️😉

High strength folic acid 5mg

High strength Vitamin D


I just took Pregnacare when ttc and now I'm pregnant. I got the one with the fish oil supplements when they were on offer, but just the one pill now.

Don't worry about not taking enough supplements - your body will only absorb so much anyway. And baby won't go without so one pill that does all is fine!

A pregnancy vitamin with folic acid and vitamin D is all you need - alongside a healthy diet. I would stop the iron (unless you have had a blood test which showed you were anaemic and a Dr recommended it) ... you may end up constipated!

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