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Early pregnancy test


Hi everyone, I broke and did a pregnancy test yesterday afternoon, it’s not due until tomorrow morning, but Amy resolution broke!

It was negative. I’m going to take the test tomorrow morning too, but has anyone had an experience where they’ve taken a test early and then got a positive on the actual day?

I’ve kind of written it off as a negative now to be honest.....not drinking or smoking or anything, just really devastated 🥺

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Hi Eltel81

Not to feel in despair, they sometimes say the pregnancy hormones aren’t high enough yet, therefore get a negative.also depends on the test you are using some are sensitive enough to pick up early hormones others are not.

I’ve had a test in past was negative & then done on another pregnancy 1.5 days later was pregnant, however that was not an ivf but natural pregnancy.

🤞🤞tomorrow you will get a positive.X

yes, they work after 14day after conceiving, so you should do it again


I tested in the afternoon before OTD and it was a negative. I was devastated. I came on the forum and the ladies kindly advised to test first thing on a morning and to also use a reliable test as opposed to POAS strips purchased from ebay.

Anyway on OTD nurse at clinic advised it was a BFP. I was over the moon and couldnt believe my eyes. There is still hope 🤞🤗

Like the others have said it may be too early to test.

Wishing you a BFP and a happy pregnancy. Let us know how you get on xx

Sfarre in reply to Masha111

I agree with this advice - you must use your first pee of the day, first thing in the morning. It's possible that the hormone levels are very low, they are most detectable then. Also, not all pregnancy tests are as good as each other - use one specifically for 'early testing' / 'first response' etc. Best of luck xx

Thank you for all your support. I’ll buck up and stay hopeful for he morning xx

brendalv in reply to Eltel81

Stay hopeful too :)


You are definitely not out- that test doesn’t count - you tested wrong time of day. You needed to test with first urine. That early into any pregnancy wouldn’t show unless first urine is used. When you do test use a sensitive test such as clearblue conception pregnancy test- I used them twice day after my missed period & have been able to detect a pregnancy ( first was a chemical pregnancy )

Put that test out of your mind!

All the best for your test tomorrow hope it’s good news 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 xoxo

So I’ve taken my test on the correct morning.....if you squint you can see the cross in the circle.....which means it’s positive. Can I get excited, I mean it’s very very faint? I’ve done a couple with very faint results in the positive window.

Camillage in reply to Eltel81

Definitely see a line. Congratulations xxx

Cinderella5 in reply to Eltel81

I can see a really faint line. Hopefully it continues to darken!xx

I can definitely see a faint 2nd line. Congratulations xx

I see a faint 2nd line too. A BFP! Congratulations.


I can see a second line, huge congratulations! I’m so happy for you. Told you you weren’t out! It’s normal for it to be faint it’s very early days; I used clearblue conception pregnancy test for that reason! Wishing you the best with your pregnancy 🤰🏼 xoxo

It’s early days and I’m trying not to get too excited, but I am!! Thank you for all the well wishes and keeping me from going insane the last couple of weeks xx

Congratulations on pregnancy xxx

wow! congrats!!!!

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