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Endo Pain Early Pregnancy

Hello everyone

I’m over the moon to say we got two positive tests yesterday and one today (which was my official test day 14dp5dt).

For anyone who doesn’t know we’ve been ttc for almost 3 years, I have stage 4 endometriosis and this was our first IVF cycle.

Absolutely delighted to have made it to the next stage, however this has brought on a whole lot of new anxieties! I’m very concerned that I’ve been having severe pelvic pain, particularly around my groin, burning across my whole uterine area and the sharp shooting pains I normally get from endo. I was so sure my period was going to start that I was convinced it was a BFN. I’ve asked the docs and they said it’s normal for anyone to get some pain during early pregnancy, so mine is just heightened by the endo. It feels worse than it normally is, though this may be due to the fact I can’t take the copious amounts of ibuprofen I’m used to taking regularly. I have read online and on this forum that this pain is normal for endo girls, it’s so difficult to not panic though especially as it’s constantly reminding me that things might not be quite right in there. I’ve been told I can take paracetamol, but I don’t really want to be taking this and I feel I have to decide if the physical and mental pain justifies me taking painkillers everyday. Has anyone got any advice on this? Also I’ve been told to stop taking progesterone.....is this also normal at this stage? Due to my endo I’m worried my estrogen levels may rise and progesterone drops. I don’t get a blood test for another 2.5 weeks.

Thanks, Debbie x

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Sorry I can't help with any of your questions but congratulations lovely lady on your positive test :) fab news xx




Hi Debbie.

Congrats on your positive :-)

I suffered with the awful endo/period like pains during the 2ww and beyond...I really thought it hadn't worked, but we got a positive too. The pains should ease off a bit with time. Anyone who has been through the journey that most have on here will always carry a certain amount of paranoia with aches and pains.

I, like you, didn't want to take any tablets just incase....

Each clinic does it differently, but I was told to take the progesterone up until week 12 for single or 24 for multiple. Maybe speak with them about your concerns re the levels and endo- try not to get stressed too much about it, as you need to take care of yourself x


My clinic only does progesterone for 2 weeks as well. They told me, that they only do 12 weeks for certain cases, but very rarely.


Congratulations on your positive test.

Hope the pain subsides soon.


Congratulations on ur positive. I have quite bad endo and I panicked about the pains I was having when I fell pregnant but baby is ok the pains settled around 14 weeks and I am currently 18 weeks with my first baby xx


congratulations I think the progesterone depends on the clinic. Mine was 12/13 weeks regardless


Hey everyone, thanks for your kind wishes and advice. Just been to see my GP and she said pretty much the same thing, it is probably just my uterus changing that is causing the pain, I'm not convinced. Unfortunately it's been worse today but doc says as long as there's no bleeding it should be okay. Feel I've been a bit abandoned by my hospital and left to get on with it but doesn't look like there's much I can do for now. Hopeing in a couple of weeks I'll be posting that everything is okay. The worry is never ending lol, thanks again xx


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