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Ladies who used Prednisolone in their cycles



I am wondering whether you were specially monitored by a doctor while on Prednisone, baby aspirin etc? I have heard that prednisolone raises blood sugars and that liver should be checked prior to taking them. I have decided to go ahead with the frozen embryo transfer this month and will be on these drugs, I have taken them before but lower dose, 5 mg and 10mg now my doctor put me on 20mg so I am a bit worried... also, when did you start taking them? My doctor told me to start already together with Progynova ( I am on 2nd day of my period) isn’t it too early? I have forgotten on which day of your cycle they transfer ( frozen transfer)

Any input will be great x Have a great day ladies x

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I’m taking 25mg and start them on the 4th day before transfer. I took them last transfer too and clinic said they would have checked my blood sugar at viability scan, but I had mc before I got to that point.

Thank you for your response, fingers crossed it will work this time x all the best

I started on 20mg 4 days before transfer for 4 days then after transfer I drop down to 10mg daily. I presume I'll be on the same dose this time but dont have my treatment plan through yet. I didnt have my bloods checked.xx

Thank you Cinderella5 x The doctor told me to start the meds already, do you remember how long do you normally have to be on progynova before transfer? I have completely forgotten all of it ... I will be having FET ... 4 days before transfer seams reasonable, not sure why she wants me to start this early...

Well Im a little bit of a different kettle of fish as my lining always takes a little longer to get to where it needs to be, Im usually around day 19 before I introduce progesterone. I think for most people its usually around 14 days then they introduce progesterone. Im sure some others can help in this department! Im not sure but I have seen other ladies starting early that have proven autoimmune disorders. Everywhere seems to be slightly different with their protocols. Wishing you loads of luck with your FET.xx

Thank you Cinderella5 and to you with your next one x

Hi Nuszkahope

What is the purpose of taking Prednisolone at transfer? Is this related to immune issues?

Nuszkahope in reply to Dogpark

Yes, I have high NK cells in my blood

Hi, I'm on 20mg (FET). Started on day 2, had transfer about 3 weeks later but only that long because my lining was a bit slow. Got a positive and I'm 9 weeks tomorrow. Been told to stay on the prednisolone until the midwife tells me to stop, but will be reducing cyclogest, progynova and evorel from next week. Didn't have extra bloods done but I suppose they may do that now I've been discharged to the midwives. Good luck!

Thank you for your response and big congratulations on your pregnancy 🤰 how did you feel on 20mg? I don’t know why I feel so worried about it, did lower dose in the past and had no effect apart of weight gain ..

Hi dear

I have some rised NK cells as well! I am living in Sweden and they dont believe in prednisolone here but been checked in Denmark and another dr prescribed me that! I started with 5mg from the day of starting my steam injections(I did a fresh cycle!) after the transfer I doubled the dosage to10mg up to the 12th week if I get pregnant! Im also using baby aspirin(75mg) for preventing blood clott after my transfer! If I get pregnant I must start with fragmin injection 5000 up to the end of the pregnancy ,though I’ll stop baby aspirin by then and change it to fragmin!

So my doctors here do not know about what Im using and I havent been ckecked for blood sugar or anything else! The only problem I feel now is that even Im using prednisolone early in the morning, it prevents me from sleeping well and I wake up around4-5in the morning everyday wich is really annoying me!😫

Hope this helps! Good luck with your transfer!🤞🤞🤞🤞

Nuszkahope in reply to Paris1771

Hi Paris, thank you for your reply :) I have quite a high level of NK cells, I have tried 5mg and that didn’t not work, 10mg I had implantation bleeding and slight positive but negative a day after so something was starting but obviously didn’t work, now I am on 20mg ans really hope this will work ... I wish you luck with everything xx fingers crossed these meds will help us x

Paris1771 in reply to Nuszkahope

Hi again

Yes I do hope that these medecines help us to a healthy pregnancy and baby! My blood test showed that my beta2-glycoprotein1 is 37 (it should be max till20)and he said 10mg is enough but it is the first time Im using that!

Everything crossed for us🤞🤞🤞

Nuszkahope in reply to Paris1771


Before starting prednisolone I had a glucose and liver tests. I started it 5 days before the transfer, 10mg. Started coming off it at 8 weeks although my clinic recommends 10 weeks as a standard but consultant was happy for me to come off earlier.

I took 20mg on the first day of starting ivf drugs, and when I found out I was pregnant was advised to continue to wk 12. I think it was a real game changer for me. Wishing you all the best x

Hey there. I have 20 mg per day - Progynova and Prednisolone - 4 mg. I started taking them from the day of FET

Not sure if anyone will see this as thread is quite old but how do you know if you have nk killer cells?I have been told they won't test this on nhs.can you get the bloods done privately? Is this test different to the immunology bloods you can get done? Thanks

Carlie29 in reply to Flora14

Hi flora, I would also like to know the answer to this too. I've just had my 3rd failed cycle but have never been tested for this or had any immunology blood tests done. Have you had immunology bloods checked? And if so was it done on the NHS? My clinic seems to palm me off when I ask about other causes for my unexplained infertility and all I get is that it's all down to luck... I would like to have more tests done!


I had 10 good quality blastocysts transferred and no pregnancy so I decided to test the NK cells... that how I knew xxx


I’ve been put on this for the first time for my 5th transfer. I’ve been put on 10 mg a day but haven’t been told of any extra tests xx

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