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First IVF cycle failed


Tested Thursday BFN and feeling heartbroken. We were having such a positive journey, ended up with 8 top grade blastocysts for freezing. Fantastic yes but we were told this one was too and my uterine lining was perfect also so we are struggling to understand what went wrong, why it didn’t implant ;( has anybody gone through the same?

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Hi I am so sorry about your BFN. I’ve had 3 failed cycles. All implantation failure and for no known reason. It’s so frustrating. Have you had any tests done so far? 8 frozen, that’s fantastic. How many cycles have you had? It’s so hard to stay positive. It’s heartbreaking. But over time you’ll heal and be ready to face another cycle. Be kind to yourself xx

Belle2019 in reply to gemmy999

Thank you for your message gemmy999. This is the first time I’ve written on a support group and didn’t expect to hear from anyone. So sorry too for your 3 cycles not working due to implantation failure. I can imagine how heartbreaking it is for you, made worse there is no known reason. We both had all the tests prior to having the ivf and all was normal my side it was my Husbands morphology which was too low. However, we were told this had corrected itself and the embryos were top grade so we are just baffled why it didn’t make it.

I really appreciate your support and kind words today. This was my first cycle and we have another try but with a frozen blastocyst. (NHS) good luck and best wishes if you have another cycle xx

Sorry about this loss. It's never easy. Have you had your embryos pgs tested? It might help jump through a few of luck xx

Hi thank you. pgs testing is only something I have learnt about from too much googling. I’m not sure if my Clinic did do this testing on the embryo and if this may or may not be as we were funded by the NHS. Is this something you know more about please? Xx

Hi, we just had our 9 blastocysts pgs tested and luckily 6 came back normal so they're all frozen now ready to transfer when we're ready. Pgs is expensive and is done at the end of an ivf egg retrieval after the embryos get to 5/6 day blastocyst they're then biopsied and sent away to be pgs tested for genetic abnormalities. It's worth the money in my mind as I don't fancy playing Russian roulette anymore. It is not funded through the NHS unfortunately which is why we didn't go for the free ivf cycle. All the best with your decision. Xx

I’m thinking of doing pgs in my next fresh cycle (if my last 2 frosties doesn’t implant), but I’m afraid of what if I’ve done the pgs and it turns out tt all your eggs are abnormal, then what next? Pgs also not cheap in my country.. sigh 😔

It's terrifying waiting for the pgs results to come back. I've read up on it some women who get all abnormal come back will change up their protocol to include human growth hormone and that sometimes helps improve quality.

It's very expensive here in the UK too but if it is something you can afford then I think it's worth it. I didn't want to keep being disappointed with bfn each month or worse still, another miscarriage. Pgs testing doesn't guarantee a pregnancy but it should help eliminate some of the reasons for not getting or sustaining a pregnancy. Best of luck

Hi I'm so sorry you've had a bfn. I've had 3 cycles with my own eggs and then moved onto donor eggs. We got a bfp the first donor cycle but this ended in miscarriage unfortunately at 12 weeks. Just had a second DE cycle and bfn on Friday. We don't understand what went wrong either as everything looked great. You have 7 fantastic blastocysts left. You will get your bfp as the odds r definitely in your favour. Speak to the consultant to see if anything needs to change, medication doses, progesterone dose/ injections etc. I've got a really positive feeling you will get your happy ending. Ever blow is devastating, but you will get there. Try and stay positive and look forward good luck xxx

I had 5 rounds of ivf, 3 unsuccessful, 2 ended with chemical pregnancy. I’m having chemical now, just waiting for the bleeding to start. Feeling so hopeless, useless & depressed.. the doc also didn’t know what went wrong, she said my blastocysts and lining looked good. Sigh... I have 2 frosties left so I guess I’ll use those 2 in my next cycle and if that fails, I’ll go for my fresh cycle and pgs. Didn’t try pgs the last 2 fresh cycles, wish I had. Doc didn’t event suggest tt 😡. Learnt abt pgs from Google. Frankly, I’m just sick and tired of going thru this but I want my baby so bad.. sigh.. stay strong! 💪🏼

Hi Belle2019 sorry to hear about BFN I was the same last week with my first cycle and morphology being an issue. Apparently there are no known reason for implantation failures. Just try and keep positive and don't loose hope you have 8 embroys which is fantastic!! Have fingers crossed for you xx


Hi there,

So sorry this cycle was unsuccessful. Our first fresh round went so smoothly! Top grade, perfect lining. So much so, the team we worked with was so sure it had worked. I was so so dissapointed, the sad part is, sometimes it’s just pot luck and unfortunately no guarantee. No matter how great it looks.

But don’t be disheartened, we waited two cycles and went ahead with a frozen and I’m now 11 weeks pregnant. Please don’t give up, it will happen for you x

Hi Belle2019

Sorry to hear you got a negative, especially when everything sounds so positive.

But having some in the freezer is brilliant, I didn’t have any following my first failed ICSI so having to face egg retrieval all over again 🙈

I’ve heard that FET transfers are more successful cause your body isn’t under so much pressure with all the meds, so that’s a plus!

On another note it may be worth checking your vitamin levels as I’ve heard low vitamin D and E can effect implantation, not sure how true but might be worth investigating

Hope you feel better soon x

Sounds exactly like our fresh cycle even down to the number of embryos frozen. It’s so hard when they are so positive about the lining, the embryo quality etc and then it doesn’t work. Leaves you wondering what went wrong.

Just going through our first FET now and hoping that it’s true what they say about FET’s being more successful as your body isn’t under as much stress and that there isn’t a bigger problem 🤞🏻

Pick yourself up and go again. We are in a good position to have so many frozen Xx

Good Morning, I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work but it’s fantastic you have 8 blastos in freezer.

Whenever we tried naturally it was always due to implantation failure and always felt IVF would be the same but luckily my first round worked, I was on iron tablets (I had low iron) and baby aspirin and I went to yoga- I definitely think this all helped.

Yes ,same happened with me ☹️. now hysteroscopy has been done to check the uterus.

Hi there , so sorry to hear about your loss. It’s such a heartbreaking time , but it will pass ... you won’t forget but it will get better. Took me a week to get out of bed, I was almost certain I was pregnant. Just like others I would recommend to have the PGS testing done. I am in the same boat as you. Everything went really well, 7 blasts and great quality. Dr couldn’t believe it didn’t work, which doesn’t help does it :-( so I watched a documentary with Alex Jones from the one show. I will try and find the link about the testing. As soon as I watched it, I was adamant I wanted them all tested. The 7 were thawed last week, and biopsy's taken , 6 survived and have been re-frozen. I am just awaiting the results. It’s not for everyone and it cost us just under 3000 for all 7 to be done. I hope you get the answers you need xx

Hiya hun, we had our first IVF fail end of April I was the same devastated and heartbroken as struggling to understand what went wrong having been told everything was going so well, we had a 2 embryo transfer at day 2. Have our follow up appointment today so hoping for some answers as to what went so wrong. Stay strong hun big hugs Xx

It is heartbreaking. I hope next time it works for you.

Please try to stay positive even though it is very very hard ♥️

We had lots of dissapointment in our first cycle. We only had one chance with 2nd cycle and it worked, my wife now 7w&4d and I'm the Happiest man in the world. My advice is to stick with it (we had given up hope). We wish you the best of luck

Sorry to hear the first one didn’t stick despite all looking so promising! My first cycle failed miserably, the second one also had a whopping 8 high grade blasts. I was luckier than you that the first put back made me pregnant and gave us a wonderful girl. But what they did tell me on transfer day was that even with a perfect blast and lining, chances of success we’re still only 40-50% to get pregnant (and once pregnant, the usual 20-25% miscarriage rate) so clearly success isn’t a given.

Hopefully you’ll have more luck on the next round, I’ll cross my fingers for you

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