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failed my first IVF cycle


I just failed my first IVF cycle, and I would love to hear stories of women who also failed but went on to succeed in follow on cycles. Although I produced 12 eggs (only 9 were mature) this cycle, only 6 fertilized and made it to day 3. Only 1 of the 6 made it for a Day 5 transfer. Perhaps my expectations were unrealistic, but at my age (35), I thought more than 1 embryo would make it to Day 5. I plan scheduling a follow on appointment and would like to know what to expect or what I should ask. I'm particularly interested to see if your RE changed your protocol. I hope for your understanding and answers, because I want to chat with you right now.

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First of all, I am SO sorry to hear that your first IVF was unsuccessful. I feel your pain and can empathize with you. It was very heartbreaking when that happened to us. And frustrating. I remember thinking the same thing: "Will it EVER happen? Can I EVER get pregnant? If even going to the extreme of IVF didn't work?!" We had tried to conceive for seven years and had done everything short of IVF before doing our first cycle. I actually had over 20 eggs retrieved successfully. Out of those, 12 fertilized. And we had four make it to day 5. Our RE only implanted one of them (a textbook "perfect" blast). But it didn't implant. I was heartbroken and so confused! However, we WERE lucky in the fact that we were able to freeze the embies we had left. Only two made it to the freezing point. We decided to try again. And this time, try the FET. Out of ALL of those original embryos, just one made it through the freeze/thaw process. So we transferred him. And this time ... it WORKED! Miraculously (because any time a pregnancy is achieved, I believe it is a true miracle!) it attached and now I am 28 weeks pregnant!! I just want to let you know that there IS hope. And that, in fact, is is VERY common for the first round of IVF to not work for whatever reasons. Please don't give up!! Your little one is waiting! Sending much love.

Firstly you didn’t fail anything, your cycle was unsuccessful but that’s not your fault. Sorry to hear about your disappointments regarding embryos, have you considered taking co-q10? I took it during my 2nd cycle and got much better quality embryo’s compared to my first. You could also speak to them about the possibility of a day 3 transfer and maybe transferring 2 if that’s something you’d be open to. Look after yourself xx

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Can ask you what is your dose you are taking for co-q10? Thanks

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I just took 100mg but I know women do take more.

Hi, I am sorry. Stay positive as I know many stories when a woman gets pregnant naturally after failed IVF.

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