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Day 4 of Fet transfer


My first ivf failed on Jan 2019 and 2 embryos was transferred on Saturday FET cycle..I have no other embryos left to freeze ...Feeling so stressed ....I don't feel like any cramps of implantation or morning sickness ...I feel so fresh ...When I take progesterone and evaporin inj morning hours...I feel nausea for few hours and it goes off by evening ...Any one has got any pregnancy symptoms before bfp..

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I’m 7 days past my FET and I have no symptoms either. I had cramps for the first 3/4 days then that went away and nothing. I’m worried as with my fresh cycle I was ill at this point but now I’m putting all symptoms down to ohss. Try not to worry just stay busy and test day won’t be far away. I did phone up yesterday because I was worried and the nurse told me pregnancy symptoms wouldn’t start this early so not to panic.. it would be another week or two before anything kicked in but just to be thankful as you want as easy pregnancy. As weird as it sounds I’d rather symptoms to know all is ok though. Hope everything goes ok and best of luck 💕 xxxx

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Thank you so much ....feeling relaxed and yeah it's true another few days for test to confirm...Let's feel free and make us busy in other things....All the best and hugs to you ...

Try not to worry! I had no symptoms at all in 2ww and got a positive 11dp5dt on Saturday. Still very little that I can feel now - a few little twingy cramps but hardly anything really. So not having symptoms does not mean you are out - hang in there!

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Yes it might be true..Having no symptoms doesn't mean we are not pregnant....Let me wait for another 1 week to check for bfp


Hi Mona. They often don't start for few weeks, so try not to get too worried for now. Diane

Hi Diane......Yeah m trying my best to come out of it...Thank you dear

Hi Mona! I like your name here). Yesterday I proceeded to the 2ww stage and proud of it! I feel good and positive. Don't want to have any home tests done to avoid false hopes. So I am patiently waiting for my HCG test.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and your BFP!

Hi sunny dear.......Thats true let's wait until beta hcg and have only positive hopes for another 2 ww....

Hi dear! How are you? Is there any news? How do you feel? When is your OTD?

I had some light spotting this weekend but luckily it stopped so I still hope to see bfp)

Hi sunny dear....Yes 04 may Saturday my doctor asked me to do blood test and it came up positive ...My hcg was 1345 that's on 14dpt5dt...until blood test I didn have any symptoms of pregnancy..9 days post transfer I bleed little ...which was like starting of my period and it stopped as my doctor gave me injections ...These 2 days I feel like some twingy sensation that's all ....No morning sickness ..No nausea...No symptoms T all....But then to I am on still fear until a scan...Tomorrow Will be scan...Hoping my baby shows well and everything goes fine....I didn do hpt before blood test ...I was so depressed with negative feel and when it came up positive was still in shock and still not able to believe it....Praying to God that scan must go fine...After 10yrs of struggle to have a baby ...cing positive results made me feel so happy ...I am so happy with this site...As it made me comfortable In all situations I came through ...

OMG!!! Really??? That's fantastic news! I'm so happy for you!!! I wish you good luck tomorrow and will be keeping my fingers crossed for you and your tiny )) My prayers for both of you!

Thank you so much love....Thanks for your lovely prayers for us...

Hi Mona! How are you doing? Is there any news?

Hi dear...How are you ....I am fine and am on my 9th week now....But still scared on miscarriages as I am using gestone vagina tabs and keep spotting weekly twice a few drops ....But scan reports r normal .....Praying to God everything has to go fine ...

I had my scan and there is a huge risk that I can lose my baby((. Till the end of this week, I'll stay at home with my hubby and we'll do another scan. Probably I'll need to go to the hospital for a week or so just to prevent mc. I really hope that you are better than me

Everything will be fine....Your baby will be alright ....Just pray to God ...Nothing like MC will happen ....Dont worry ...Your next scan will give u positive hopes

Thank you, dear! How are you? How is your baby?

Spotting ....Sterday night found some brown blood....Got admitted in hospital .. doctor has given me injections.... Now spotting has stopped ....Need to go for a scan in another 1hr...Feeling tensed

Praying for you!

Going gud Dear.. . Doctor asked me to take g csf injection they told it's for growth factor ....Thanks for your prayers and how are you ....Is everything fine

Not really, hun

My last hcg showed 20,3((( Devastated and completely crashed...

So sorry dear......I don't know what to tell you ....God bless your dreams come true very soon ...

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