Transfer day!!

So today was trasfer day!!! We had 4 embryos going strong still this morning. 3 were very good one slightly behind but hoping to catch up.... Hardest decision of our life was when embryologist came in and asked us if we wanted one embryos transfered or two embryos..... Both hubby & I decided after already having a beautiful healthy little girl already we would go for one this time!! Hoping we have made the right decision - 2/3 embryos are now going into the freezer & now on our two week wait!! I feel so emotional like there's been a massive relief it's all partly over and I can relax!!! I haven't got emotional or felt that worried throughout the last 7 weeks & suddenly now feeling vunareable.... Very odd feeling is this normal !!! Feel guilty that I should be on cloud nine and yet all I have is worry and relief now! What a rolls coaster!! Β£6000 gone into this & I wouldn't change any of it either way but so afraid of how to protect myself incase I'm dissappointed in a couple of weeks!!! X x

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  • Congrats on fab news! I did the same & opted for one; really on the spot decision threw us so we just went with their advice-not sure there is a right or wrong answer! I felt exactly same, a big ball of happy, relieved, worry, anxiety....I expected to feel on cloud nine but with every step of IVF anything can happen so I think we naturally protect ourselves. I just focused on 11days time, talked to embie & tried to feel positive- easier said than done! Having another child will help though I'm sure. Good luck, drink lots of water & gentle walks to keep blood flowing x

  • Thank you so much!! Justs worry I should feel like this!! Everyone else is so exited when they get to this bit lol. ! How far along are you now? X x x how long to wait if at all for test day? X x

  • I'm 8+5 weeks 😊 I'm seeing midwife for first time next Friday so I'm hoping I'll get the 10-13 week scan date of her then πŸ‘ feeling in limbo land & constantly worrying that all is ok - can't wait to get the 12 week all clear πŸ™ I definitely felt more excited after the 2ww so not long for u now hun x

  • Congrats on the transfer Lucy. How did you find it? Did you wear your nightie lol? That's fab you have 2/3 that can be frozen. Hopefully you won't need them ☺ x x

  • Transfer was easy but I had a my own room & had to wait in there for an hour Before they took me to do the transfer and we were left on our own, it was the longest wait ever to find out how the embryos were doing as I hadn't heard since Sunday, yes I wore my nighty lol!!! These staff at my hospital just amaze me they are so friendly and kind. So how's everyone else feeling? x x

  • Aw that's good. Shame about the wait mind you. I think it makes a better experience if the staff are friendly & helpful. I certainly didn't get that in the Glasgow hospital but now im having my treatment at Edinburgh it makes such a big difference x x

  • Great news Lucy! I think you just have to go with your feelings at the mo! There is no right or wrong way to feel. I will tell you what my lovely reflexologist tells me all of the time 'be kind to yourself'! I have been taking this advice fully on board and have been shopping LOTS, lunched LOTS and been a bit selfish with my time. I think you should defo use the next could of weeks to be kind to yourself. You have done so well and are now on the home stretch xx

  • 😘 thank you thats such good advice, I must try harder to be kind to myself, very wise words x x x

  • Good luck in your 2ww lucy hope you get your BFP !!! 😊 xx

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