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4 Day Transfer

Hi All,

We have had 2 embryos put back this morning 4 days after egg collection. I'm a bit disappointed as it had been looking like they would go on to blastocyst stage, but they apparently slowed down a bit yesterday and the embryologist though it best to put them back today. Both were 8 cells and one had started to compact.

I was just wondering if anyone else had had a 4 day transfer that resulted in a BFP?

Hope everyone's enjoying the bank holiday sunshine! Xx

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Hi Monk!!!

2 embies on board is great news!! Hope you're feeling ok and are having a good rest this evening!

Welcome to the 2ww!!!

Take care x x x


Thanks sweetie! How are you getting on? Xx


So far so good I think!! I've been on Google, YouTube and the blogs pretty much every hour since ET haha but I'm feeling ok about things, really positive and I'm eating well and resting. Not much more I can do I don't think? The house is surrounded by orange things courtesy of my fab friends who I now regret telling that orange is the colour of fertility 😂, I have two fertility bracelets, I'm eating pineapple and Brazil's, drinking coconut water and have acupuncture booked for Friday. I'm pretty sure none of that makes any difference to the outcome but my thinking is it can't hurt right?! I'm officially A 2ww Crazy Club member!!! x x x


I had 2 embryos put back at 3 days and I got my BFP ❤️

Good luck, keep believing 🍀


Ah, thanks Button123. Huge congratulations on your BFP! Xxx

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I had a bfp following a 2 day transfer at age 40. Girl! Stay positive. Better in than out.


Thanks AllyR, I am currently feeling very positive but who knows what this 2ww will do to me! Massive congratulations on your baby girl! Xxx


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