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Egg collection tomorrow 🤞


First time posting on here ! Anxious as it’s egg collection day tomorrow and no idea what to expect. First on the list so pleased to get going early but starting to feel the nerves kicking in. On the short protocol so it’s been a whirlwind quick last week of injections and can’t believe tomorrow is here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated for this nervous soul ..

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Try not to be nervous. You will have a really awesome sleep and then the best tea and toast you have ever had.

You’ll be ok. Good luck xx

Bless u. It def is nerve racking It never as bad as u imagine though. If being sedated then it quite a nice sleep and then v quick recovery time so all ok. I found it painful after but with lots of painkillers it soon dies down. The nurses and other staff are always lovely I have found to so u’ll be looked after well.

Best wishes xx

Honestly I felt the same but I actually fell asleep during the procedure so don’t remember a thing and didn’t feel a thing.

Good luck xx

I also felt nervous the night before, not knowing what to expect. But it was completely fine, had a lovely refreshing sleep thanks to sedation and no after effects really. I just took it easy and watched tv on the sofa the rest of the day 😊 You’ll be in safe hands xx

I know the feeling. I was so nervous! But I found out that there was nothing to worry about!

I had my EC on Wednesday, and was so scared, but I actually did not feel a thing.

Last thing I remember is the anesthetist putting the needle in my hand and the nurse putting the oxygen/gas mask over my mouth, then I woke up an hour later and I was given coffee, toast and chocolate buiscuits!

Take it really easy for a couple of days after, and drink a lot of water!! Hot water bottle it's a godsend!

Good luck dear, keep us posted!

Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow, you will be fine and the nurses will take great care of you. Before you know it you'll be back home on your sofa xx

In my experience you’ll have a nice sleep 😴 remember to take it easy and rest up afterwards 💕 xx

Best of luck, you'll be fine!! Will be over before you know it. Hope you get lotsa nice eggies 🐣🐣🐣 xxx

Hi I have mine tomorrow. Feels like a whirlwind for me too. Only did 9 days of stimms then straight to egg collection. I’ve heard it’s ok but I’m scared too especially about the outcome. Hope it goes well xx

EC88 in reply to Doglover5

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow 🤞it’s the fear of the unknown I think but I can reassure you it was fine 🤗 good luck

Finally it’s all done!! 🤗🤗 don’t remember or felt anything -phew! Unusually sore afterwards but it’s all settle down now. Tea and toast went down a treat. 11eggs so 🤞🤞thank-you ladies for your support

TerryNaples in reply to EC88

Wow! 11 eggs!! Well done you! xxx

Hope a lot will fertilize and you’ll have loads of little, strong embryos!!

EC88 in reply to TerryNaples

Managed 7 fertilised and 1 might do so keeping a close eye on it. So Pleased! Fingers crossed for the weekend for strong embryos to implant🤞🤞🤞

TerryNaples in reply to EC88

Everything crossed for you!!! 🤞🤞🤞

I’ve just had my egg collection this morning at 10am. So much better than I expected. Hope yours went well xx


Best wishes and prayers for everything to go on well.

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