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Egg collection tomorrow!


Round 2 egg collection tomorrow.

Nervous is an understatement! Last time we didn't get many eggs (3 eggs, 1 embryo) And it made everything very stressful.

My last scan on Monday showed potentially 8 mature follicles, but one was 25mm already so I'm worried some might even be over mature!

So many things can happen and change during the process, it's a nightmare for a control freak like me. X

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Oh gosh, bless you , good luck for tomorrow xxxxx

Wishing you all the best for EC xx

Good luck for today Hun 😘😘

Good luck! xx

That sounds really positive! Good luck today I also had 8 folicles and managed to get 6 eggs, and 2 embryos so fingers crossed you do too keep us posted! xx

sharpy87 in reply to Nickie17

That's really good! I hope I get similar numbers 😊 x

Best of luck for today. You can do this! Xx

Good luck! Hope it goes well for you! x

Good luck xx

Good luck!

The pain & questioning that we put ourselves through!! Hope you get a good result today with EC xx

Just seen the embryologist and they got 7 eggs of which 6 are mature 🎉 I'm happy with that. Hopefully il get a good call in the morning to say lots of them have fertilised x

lorraineb61 in reply to sharpy87

That's great news!! Make sure you rest up now & drink plenty of water. Hopefully you will have good news in the morning x

That's great news. Well done :) xx

sharpy87 in reply to Rainbow_86

Thanks. X

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