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Egg collection tomorrow


I can’t believe this has come around so quickly! Feels like we only started injections yesterday but 40 jabs later and we are ready to go tomorrow. Eek!

I’ve convinced myself this cycle won’t work as it’s our first but taking lots of positives in that we will certainly find out more about our fertility, how many eggs are mature, fertilisation, etc. It’s crossed my mind that my husband and I may not be compatible, but at least we will know and we will be able to work from there.

Very nervous and overthinking everything as usual. Does anyone know if you are supposed to wash your hair the morning of egg collection? Time will be a bit tight so hoping I can do this tonight. This is the kind of stuff I stress over! 😂

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You can wash your hair but try to use less perfumey shampoo. The same goes for shower gel and avoid perfumes and deodorants if you can (your partner too!)

Best of luck tomorrow lovely, it's a daunting and in some way exciting experience but like you say, so worth it and will give you more insight into what works best for your body. Try and keep positive and focus on the good. Xx

Apples2665 in reply to Kat9lives

Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, definitely mixed emotions this evening. Xx

That’s exactly the same kind of thing I stressed over! In the end I got some ‘Simple’ shampoo, conditioner and shower gel so I could have a shower and wash my hair without worrying about the scent being too strong 😊 My clinic also advised no moisturiser, make up, deodorant or perfume on the day. Good luck sweetheart, fingers crossed for you 😊💕🤞🏼 xxx

Apples2665 in reply to wemma83

That’s exactly the stuff I bought yesterday 😊 glad there’s someone out there that stresses like me! Thank you so much for your response, it’s helped put my mind at ease x

wemma83 in reply to Apples2665

Hehe! You’re completely welcome lovely, glad it helped! Let us know how you get on tomorrow, sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way 😊💕 xxx

Apples2665 in reply to wemma83

Thank you so much x

Good luck appless2665 for tomorrow! I had mine yesterday.

Yes you can wash your hair but I didn’t wear makeup, or use deodorant and perfume. I found it a very emotional experience. I just can’t believe that life is growing in a dish or whatever away from me as I type!! Just waiting for the embryologist to call.

Wishing you well tomorrow. I felt much better after as I was feeling so bloated and uncomfortable before. 😘 xxx

Apples2665 in reply to Wrighty82

Oh wow! Best of luck to you! I hope the embryologist called with good news 😊 yes, I’m quite uncomfortable today so will be glad to get some relief. I feel awful complaining when it’s for such a good reason x

Wrighty82 in reply to Apples2665

We are putting our bodies through a lot so I think it’s ok to complain a bit! But it’s s good complain 😂😂 yes she rang to say 4 have fertilised 🥰

Good luck for tomorrow!!! 🙏🏻👍🏻😊 xx

Apples2665 in reply to Wrighty82

Fabulous news! Good luck with everything and thanks again x

Best of luck for tomorrow! Like the replies above you can wash your hair, but no perfumy shampoo...also just to say you can pretty much have a few hours after your egg collection so you wouldn't be missing out on the shower for too long 😜

Apples2665 in reply to Mifkipi

Thanks for your reply! Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly. I’m packed and ready to go 😃

Good luck for tomorrow 🤞 x

Apples2665 in reply to Kyell2

Thank you 😊

Good luck for tomorrow xx

Apples2665 in reply to Camillage

Thank you x

Wishing you good luck for EC tomorrow 💛 xx

Thank you x

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