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Egg collection tomorrow

Hi I'm quite new to the site, athough I have been following some posts.

Had scan on Friday and I have 26 follicles, was given pregnyl to take which I took at 7pm last night and I'm booked in for egg collection at 9am tomorrow morning.

The hospital have explained the procedure to me but i still feel a little nervous and wondered if anyone can tell me what to expect from a patient point of view.

Thankyou in advance and hello to all the other lovely couples on here. :) xx

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Most clinics use sedation rather than general anaesthetic for the egg collection procedure. You still have to be nil by mouth from midnight tonight. My experience is the sedation knocks me out just as much as a GA so I was unaware of anything during the procedure. From what I gather this is the experience of most women.

I understand they put a probe into you vaginally & extract the eggs through a catheter that goes though the higher end of your vaginal wall. You'll be let home once you've eaten, drunk & passed water. You can get some light bleeding & feel uncomfortable - like period pains, so take a few days off post procedure. Its not that bad. I too am having eggs harvested tomorrow morning.

Every Blessing to you!



Thankyou. so much for your reply Hannah, it's very helpful. I was worried about the sedation but hopefully it might knock me out like it did with you, my partner is allowed in the room wearing scrubs so just incase I'm awake he will be there thankfully.

I have taken most of this week off work as we travel around 2.5 to 3hrs to get to the fertility unit, with my procedure so early today we stayed here in a hotel.

Thankyou, I hope your egg collection goes well too, I will keep my fingers crossed for you too :)


Make sure you rest I found it uncomfortable. If your in pain take paracetamol and drink plenty of water (at least two litres a day).also I found egg collection was more stressful as I didn't know they were ready until 1hr before luckily I only live 15mins to the hospital so keep that in mind if you live so far away from your clinic. Good luck and take it easy for 2 weeks I did and I got told it worked on Friday. Sprinkling baby dust on you xx


Good luck (you'll be in there now)... I too am worried about this procedure as I have never been 'sedated' and I really have a low pain threshold. When you are feeling up to it please let me know how you get on.

I am so lucky that the clinic where we are having treatment is 5 minutes away so I can be home very quickly afterwards. I can't imagine having to travel as far as you and stay over. I hope you managed to get some sleep and are not too tired.

good luck


Thankyou everyone for your replies, egg collection went well we got 20 eggs from the 26 follicles. I was sedated but knew what was going on and could feel a good bit. Near the end I was given gas and air to suck on as got a bit too painful for me. Luckily my partner was in the room dressed in scrubs so that helped to relax me.

They have decided to do icsi with all the eggs for best chance of fertilisation as my partners count was slightly low and motility wasn't as it should be. We will get a call at 10am tomorrow to inform us how many fertilised fingers crossed!

If all goes well then embryo transfer will be wed or thur and as it's our first cycle and fresh then only one embryo will be transferred. You know what they say tho...it only takes one! any remaining good quality embryos will be frozen.

After the egg collection today I'm quite uncomfortable and in a bit of pain around my ovaries and feel bloated/constipated. Luckily I have the full week off work so will be doing a lot of relaxing and will certainly drink lots of water Thankyou for the tip.

Thankyou for all taking the time to write back to me, I hope your journeys are going well. Good luck to you all.

I hope your egg collection went well today too Hannah?

Wow huge congrats sjamalou! That's fab news and Thankyou for the baby dust :) oh I bet your over the moon, I love hearing of success stories it keeps me strong and hopeful. I hope your pregnancy progresses nice and healthy.

Jsthq 1979 ,try not to worry too much, altho I felt a bit it was over so quickly and worth every twinge. Good luck to you xx


Mikayla thank you for coming back to us... Not sure I'd have the energy after all that to then write to a bunch of strangers! I won't have my husband in with me as he'll be in the room next door 'providing a sample'!

I will just have everything they can give me to reduce the pain and discomfort!

I hope your news is good when they call tomorrow and the transfer goes well :-)


I hope everything goes well for you too jsth1979, my partner went to do his sample while I was sleeping in recovery.

We got a call yesterday to say 14 of our 20 eggs were mature enough to do icsi and 6 fertilized. Unfortunately one didn't make it past the 2cell stage but we got 5good embryos showing 4/5cell.

I'm now laid on the sofa after getting back from the egg transfer and have one of our little embryos in my womb :) we also got 4 to freeze. X


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