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Egg Collection Tomorrow!!!


Evening Ladies, hope you’re well! So I will be going in tomorrow for my egg collection at 7.15am, due into theatre at 8.00am!! I am feeling so nervous!!! Also scared as don’t know what to expect - hope it’s not too painful!! Xx

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I was so scared to be sedated as I hadn’t ever had it done before but I didn’t remember a thing afterwards! I felt fine until I got home and then had cramping like bad period cramps but was fine with paracetamol and lots of water!! Hope all goes well with you xx

Don’t worry! I was scared too but I don’t remember a thing and just came round in the bay and couldn’t believe it had been done. Similar afterwards as Squeak2 said so keep up paracetamol. I should have kept it going for a bit longer than just the first day probably as felt quite bruised for a couple of days but it was manageable. Just take it very easy if you can. Good luck. Xx

All the very best for tomorrow. Thinking about you. xo

I was terrified, for me it was honestly absolutely fine!

Good luck xxx

Thank you all!! Getting ready to head off soon 🙈! I’ll let you know how I get on xx

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Good luck! I had mine yesterday and was so nervous before hand even though I’ve had it done before. Before I knew it I was waking up in recovery and just had a bit of tummy pain. Carrying on with paracetamol and going to try to drink lots of water!! Xx

Good luck for today, wishing you the very best!! 🤞🏻xx


Good luck for today. Hope all goes smoothly and you get lots of healthy eggs. X

Good luck today, don't worry you shouldnt feel anything whilst its going on. Take pain killers after if you need to, lots of rest, a nice cuppa with buscuits and a duvet :-) xx

Wishing you luck! Hopefully you wont feel a thing! Drink lots of water afterwards and rest up. You may feel a bit crampy and bloated but just like period cramps!xx

Hope it all went well xx

It’s a breeze!!! You’ve been through one of the hardest parts already. Make sure you keep hydrated afterwards, water should now be your best friend!!

Best of luck!

Thank you so much ladies! So it wasn’t as bad as I thought! Was in for 20mins, I was awake and could feel some pain whilst they were doing it, so they gave me gas and air. On way home now! They got 9 eggs and will call me tomorrow to say how many fertilised and have said transfer will be Saturday or Tuesday! Xxx

That's a good number for starters! Fingers crossed for the call tomorrow!xx

Hope today went well, 9 is a great number. Get lots of rest and water today xx

That is great news. Have you had any updates? Xx

Yes sorry I did another post, got the call this morning Tezzabell86 to say 8 took ICSI, and we have 7 fertilised!! Transfer will be Tuesday providing nothing changes over the weekend! X

That’s great news I bet you’re over the moon xx

Yes was very emotional when we got the call at 8.54 this morning!! One step closer! Xx

I bet I certainly was x

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