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Sharing hope and postive vibes (surrogacy)


Hello everyone!

(I just wanted to write hello ladies but being to so many forums I have totally lost all of the prejudice towards the average users of fertility forums:)

So, my name is Elvia, I am 55yo. I want to introduce myself as an intended mother! I am a soon to be a mother of a baby I have yet to even see on the ultrasound. I've started a surrogacy program right at the beginning of 2019. Felt like if you want to make changes you must go for it and not wait anymore. Well, it is just my thought as I have been on a ttc pause for almost a decade. As nothing was right from the beginning. I have experienced 5 m/c and had to stop myself for trying for a baby just because I was on a verge of a giant meltdown. Had to see a therapist for a while (I still go to appointments with her but they are not as frequent as before)

So. Just to make a long story short, I am Elvy (do not mind my age please) and I am going to be a mother soon. I really hope so!

For anyone interested it is DE obviously. But it is still the best option I have right now.

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Congratulations I truly believe age is just a number wishing you all the best xxx

Elvia33P in reply to ALLY81

Thank you so much! Age is indeed just a number. I figured this turning 50 and not seeing a lot of change whatsoever. Of course, my body is old, but what can you do! I am a young soul and want to finally discover what motherhood can be like.

I know that all of my hardships led me to this point where I will finally be making some progress. The therapy was what saved me at first but now I can’t stop thinking about my future child. And all of the struggles I went through just to meet him. I am very hopeful!

Thank you again!

Oh that’s an amazing story

God bless

Elvia33P in reply to tiger-cub

Thank you oh so much!

I hope that everyone will be able to come forward and share their positive stories. I know what it takes to go through losing hope and having recurrent m/c. As well as I know what it is like to get back on track and find support and love from anyone who’s willing to share it.

My husband is of a huge help here, of course. Given that I am a bit unorganized and need a lot of support after what’s happened previously, he is taking care of everything. He has written everything down: when we are to fly to Kiev, how much we’ll have to spend (apart from the actual contract sum) etc.

The story has so many different sides. And seems to be so complicated. I can’t even express our worries and thoughts here. We have a lot at the moment. But the thing here is just to trust the agency and go for it.


Thank you for sharing and good luck. It's inspiring to see determination and success x

Elvia33P in reply to Camillage

Thank you so much for wishing me good luck! It is so cool to receive support here. I am in a lot of stress honestly, but I am trying to stay optimistic and plan for the best outcome. Signing for surrogacy's been a challenge for us. But we keep getting tons of help and support from different people. That's so great. xx

Just wanted to wish you the very best!

Your story is inspiring and about never giving up on your dream

Best wishes xx

Elvia33P in reply to rivershark

Thank you so so much! It is a blessing having all of you sharing positive wishes! I am truly grateful for it! Submitting yourself to something as difficult and stressful as surrogacy abroad is a total challenge. But even though we'd rather have our own child and not undergo any of the hardships we've been through. We're trying to see positive in nothing, or in everything.

Lots of love!

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