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Antioxidant supplement ivf


Hi all, just wondering if anyone took an antioxidant supplement during ivf. I’m taking a prenatal vitamin (which has the recommended folic acid and vitamin d advised by my clinic) but this has also been suggested by a friend. From what I can tell antioxidant supplements have the same level of selenium and slightly more beta carotene as I’m already taking, but a lot more vitamin E and A. I don’t know if it’s possible to make too much of these things? Don’t want to inadvertently cause more harm than good :)

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You definitely shouldn't take a supplement containing Vitamin A whilst trying or when you become pregnant - it can be harmful. A conception multivitamin will have all you need unless your clinic tells you otherwise x

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Thank you for your response. Vitamin A should read vitamin C.. typo! But yes, you’re probably right. I’m just overthinking everything and trying to give myself the best chance. I’ll stick to the clinics advice. 😊 thanks again


there is something called Astaxanthin, which is a very healthy and potent antioxidant. It is natural and the capsule contains also omega3's. Iron man runners traditionally take it. It is not cheap but very good for health in general. xx

Thank you xx

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