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2WW has broken me :(


I'm only 4 days into our 5 day transfer but so far my morning has consisted of the following; woke up at 5.30 after having a really vivid dream this cycle had failed, started sobbing at 6am whilst trying to explain to my husband that I really feel in my heart this cycle has failed. I just can't shake this empty, broken hearted feeling.

I'm comparing this cycle to our last (which ended in a chemical pregnancy so probably isn't the best comparison). As of last night my cystic acne is starting to re-appear and I only have slightly sore boobs which I feel are shrinking by the second.

The rational part of me has gone and buggered off somewhere and I really need someone to tell me to catch a grip please....

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Hun...you need to get a grip!! 😉😜😘 I'm sorry your feeling like this and it's completely normal to have really bad days in the 2ww where you feel like it's all over...but it's not over and you wont know until OTD! I know how you feel tho, I've been through 2 x 2ww. BUT you need to go grab your positive pants and shove them on right now please!! 😉 also i think you need to snuggle up with hubby put a funny movie on, have a bit of chocolate or a biscuit or 2 and try and put that smile back on your face 😁 I hope you feel better soon and wishing you lots and lots of baby dust and a BFP!!! 🤞🤞🤞 hang in there sweetie...now go find those pants! 😉🤞💖xxx

Camillage in reply to Niki_B

I totally agree. The drugs make us emotional wrecks and there is no point comparing one cycle with another. Acne is a good sign, as are vivid dreams. Go get your positive pants and kick those negative ones away! Xx

recidwen in reply to Camillage

Hey. I think show your embie what self-care means, i.e wail it out, be sad and get up, make yourself a nice soup, take a long walk with a podcast and then binge on some guilty pleasure tv. 2ww is madness making. I totally lost it! Xxxxx

I can imagine it's really hard to stay positive, but dig deep! As the others say, try to do something you will enjoy to take your mind off it a little. Sending you hugs. Xx

Hidden in reply to GiantPanda

Thank you, I hope you're good? xxx

GiantPanda in reply to Hidden

I'm just a big walking cyst at the moment! Surprised I haven't been dreaming about that massive rock off Indiana Jones chasing me! 😂 Take care lovely. Xxx

Hidden in reply to GiantPanda

You too xxx

I think it’s ok to feel a bit down sometimes we are human after all. I’m not sure we can be bouncing and smiling the whole way through the 2WW. A dream is just your subconscious mind and we would have been thinking about these moments for quite some time so your mind is going to be processing a lot more of these kind of thoughts especially when we let the mind wonder on its own.

Be kind to yourself, do something that makes you smile and feel good about yourself. Stay positive 😊 and good luck 😉

Thinking of you, keep strong and share your feelings with your husband. Its better to talk through your feelings in order for people to comfort you. Good luck x

Awww I think it only natural that after failure we have a bit of a freak out....its only cause we want it so bad!! I think what you are feeling is completely normal, but if you want a kick up the backside then a large is one coming your way....now!! Ha ha ha Good luck.xx


Thank you all so much, swift kicks up the bum and positive pants are now on :) I think these dreams are just making feel so horrendous when I wake up it's taking a while to shake the feeling off and I was starting my own pity party this morning.... onwards and upwards eh xxx

Niki_B in reply to Hidden

And that's ok your allowed. Glad you found those pants now tho and hope your bum ain't too sore 😉😁 xxx

Oh Laura! I am thinking of you. xxx

Hidden in reply to KiraJean

Thank you, I hope you're well and had a good Christmas and New Year? xxx

Aww... stay strong! You’ve got this lovely 💕 I think the 2ww is the worst part, all being well i’ll be experiencing my next one during feb.

Each 2ww can be different, you just never know! Sending you lots of positive vibes 💕 xx

Oh dear, I completely understand the 2ww messages above! It's so much long waiting..

Feels like a rollercoaster. I was in a lot of pain, bloating once. seeked medical advice and it turned out my body didn't like the cyclogest. So took pain killers and had some more rest. I als had period pain. That time I just had no idea what was right and wrong. But my gosh the wait until you get that test result is tedious! Stay strong, honey x

Completely understandable but please stay strong. I spent my 2WW crying and convinced that it hadn’t worked but it did! Your not out yet! Good luck x

How's it going Laura? Hope you're feeling a bit calmer. Xx

Hidden in reply to GiantPanda

Hey I'm not too bad. Had a little wobble again yesterday afternoon but apart from that I've managed to stay quite calm and positive. I honestly can't decide if it's worked or not..... It's our blood test tomorrow, I've managed not to take an early test. I'm quite enjoying having our last day of ignorance if that makes sense?

How are you getting on? Xxx

Well done for getting this far without testing. It must have been hard but it sounds like you've done the right thing. Yes, I think I get what you're saying about enjoying last day before the test. Good luck for that; I'm sending you lots of positive vibes. Xxx

Hidden in reply to GiantPanda

Thank you so much, and thank you for thinking of me today xxx


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