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Struggling during 2WW

We are now on the dreaded 2WW and am really struggling. This is our 3rd cycle (miscarriage followed by a BFN) so I thought I'd be used to it by now but that's not the case. We had the ET on Saturday and have been stressed about not stressing ever since. It doesn't help that this will probably be our last cycle and my sister-in-law has recently had a BFP after their first cycle.

I went back to work today as I just sit behind a desk and wanted a distraction from googling any possible symptoms. I felt great this morning but by lunchtime I felt very tearful. I managed to hold it together and had a long lunch break but feel really up and down.

I think really what I want is some sign that it's worked but I already feel as though it hasn't and want to get the bad news over with.

Any positive words would be v welcome!!! xxx

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Didn't want to read and not post, I don't have magic words or experience as I'm only in my first go.

Take one day at a time and lean as much as you can in those who love you. If the day is crap then hit the duvet and a little chocolate treat won't harm you! I find getting outside for a walk always helps reframe my mind and there is tons of support here from lots of lovely people.

You are not alone, get to the weekend then through it and before you know it you'll be a week in.

Hold on tight and wishing you loads of luck xxx


I did it 8 times at a clinic! No words of wisdom! Except stay busy and off google! I swear it's the longest 2 weeks ever! Good luck.


Thank you both - it's good to know that there's people who understand. IVF can be a lonely experience!!! xx



I remember this all too well. I googled every hour of every day and got obsessed. I have serious health anxiety so that wasn't the best idea and I started to read success stories instead. I think the best thing to do is stay away from Google! My IVF was unsuccessful aswel as iui's and cycles of clomid. But after all that 12 weeks ago I got a positive on my own? I could not believe it! I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility and just shows you after all the medical fails you can still do it the old fashion way 😊 I'm still petrified things will go wrong but I got my positive eventually. I wish u all the best and try and relax x things might work out in the end x


That's a wonderful story - congratulations xx

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The 2ww really is dreadful! During my cycle my acupuncturist said to me "There's nothing to suggest it hasn't worked". I found it helpful to repeat this to myself whenever I was getting a bit stressed out!

Good luck x

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