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Starting my first IVF cycle

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Hi there! I am going to start to take norethisterone in a week and I am feeling a bit anxious. I keep trying not to think too much about it but I can't stop the thoughts coming through.

I had a molar pregnancy few years ago and that was the first and only time that I have been pregnant. It was very hard to deal with specially because we had two embryos and heard the heart beat of one of them before knowing that I has a mole pregnancy. As much as I try not to think about it I can't stop thinking that it might happen again (even though the possibilities are really really rare).

I also keep trying to maintain positive but can't stop thinking about a negative result and I am really really scared of a miscarriage.

I just wanted to share my thoughts with someone as sometimes I think that I am crazy.

Any tips or things that I can do to help my IVF to have a positive result?

Thanks and good luck to us

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Just wanted to wish you good luck 🤞 x

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bbhope in reply to kirstyblue

Thank you!

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Hi bbhope. So sorry to hear that you had suffered a molar pregnancy, when all seemed to be OK earlier on. I hope you had plenty of support at the time. Make sure you eat well and sensibly. Take your Folic Acid and Vitamin D and do have a rest from time to time. Keeping everything crossed that all ends well this time with a healthy continuing pregnancy and birth. Thinking of you. Diane

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bbhope in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you! I will do that!

Best wishes and prayers for everything to go well in your first IVF cycle.

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Thanks! I am praying and hoping that I will only be needing one!

Hunny all these thoughts are perfectly normal and no matter how hard we try negative thoughts can creep in. When we want something so badly it’s almost a defence mechanism to protect ourselves from getting too hurt if it doesn’t work. But do try to think of the positives as well. Take it easy over the next couple of weeks norithisterone can make you feel incredibly tired and a bit grumpy so don’t be so hard on yourself x x

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bbhope in reply to Jonesjp

Exactly! It does feel like I am trying to get myself used to the bad idea. But still I am hoping and wishing that all will work out fine from the first trial! Thanks for the tip with medicine as well! Good to know ;)

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