Crying from days:(((

Hi . Don't really know where to start and I really need help. I'm 34 years old my hubby is 38. We being trying for over 2 years till us GP refer us to NHS clinic. We find out that I got both Fallopian tube block . I went thru scans , laparoscopy and in last December operation to try safe both Fallopian tubes. After 2 h operation they remove right one and they repair and open left one. I had scan after to make sure the one tube is not block again . Tube wasn't block๐Ÿ˜ƒ Even so doctor recommended to go thru IVF . We did . Was scare and exciting the same time. When we start IVF cycle doctor told us that is not worry about me I got plenty eggs and my hubby ok. We had eggs collection on 12 April . They collect 11 eggs which 5 of them was fertiliser. Then number drop to good 4 . On day 5 they transferred one embryo and one blastocyst. I done all care about my self after , home relaxing not doing much. I still got one day left of progesterone and I'm 3 days after my period which didn't come yet. I just know that I lost it . ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜” I don't know what to do next , where to get the right help , should I leave for bit or should I try again. I don't know if I'm title to another IVF cycle on NHS or to looking for different clinic? I'm from Bristol . Please what should be my next step ?

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  • Hello do another one on day 14 as I did one early like you and it was negative felt distraught like you but checked again and it was positive so don't give up yet x

  • Hello . How did u feel all this they thru since transfer ? Did u have any symptoms?

  • You should definitely wait until the full two weeks before you test. So many ladies get a negative when they test early, then a positive afterwards. Some get lots of symptoms such as sharp stabs in lower tummy, sore boobs, tiredness, but others have no symptoms at all! Can you ring yr clinic or hospital for advice? They should have told you how many cycles yr entitled to on to nhs. Normally you are made to wait a few months before trying again.

    Don't give up hope yet, test again after the full 2ww and I really hope you get yr positive. Good luck xx

  • Hi Olivia1980. So sorry to see that you are so upset, but do follow the otherโ€™s advice and do your test on the correct day. Keep using the progesterone pessaries too. Regarding further treatment, you are allowed one fresh cycle and one frozen cycle on the NHS in Bristol, so should this one fail, hopefully you managed to freeze the other 2 embryos for later use. I do hope all works out well for you. Diane

  • Thank u for advice. From 11 eggs they fertiliser 5 . After 3 days I had only 4 good one. They didn't just transfer 5 day blastocys they transfer embryo too . They call us day after saying that they not going to freeze those Two left . :(((

  • Definitely re-test on correct day hun. We were told if we did it early there wouldn't be enough pregnancy chemical in the urine so would give negative result. Keep positive & follow all advice clinic gave you x

  • Hi Olivia. So sorry to hear that you did not have any viable embryos to freeze. I do know that Bristol allow one fresh cycle of IVF and one frozen embryo transfer on the NHS. It might be worth applying for a further round of IVF in place of the frozen embryo transfer, or perhaps they may consider doing another cycle at a reduced rate. Worth trying for. Diane

  • Thank u Diane . Can u tell me where can I apply for reduced rate? I make appointment with my GP the doctor who referred me for the first time. Do u think she will know this things or u know where to go and ask please ? Thank u Diane xx

  • Hi Olivia1980. I cannot promise that you would be able to get a further cycle at a

    reduced cost, but if you could email me I will send

    you details of how to apply for funding and how to appeal if you are refused. We have

    template letters on our website that you can use for this. You can then take them to

    your GP and see if she will support you with it. Diane

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