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FET timing

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My protocol is misleading.

I thought my cycle seemed to look really short compared to others I’d spoken to, re read it and now think I read it wrong originally :(

I start buserelin tomorrow (first FET fresh cycle last year ended in missed miscarriage)

I also have progynova to introduce.

How long roughly will I be on buserelin for before starting the tablets?

How long roughly in total will the injections be?

Included a photo of my protocol

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Hi there, think I’m on a similar protocol to you!

I start buserelin on 15/1 and then all being well will start progynova on 28/1 after I’ve had a scan. I think I’ve got to have the injections for a total of almost 4 weeks. My clinic provided me with a breakdown of steps/medication plan to help me.

I was on the pill for my previous FET, but it made me all moody! Told the clinic that I didn’t want to take it this time around 💕 xx

This is what's classed as long protocol FET. It's hard to say as it will depend on how you respond to drugs but from your protocol the shortest will be around 36ish days to transfer...

14 days until down regulation check, start progynova (whilst still injecting) for 15 days, if lining ok stop injecting (29ish days of injecting) and start progesterone (keep taking progynova) which for a 5 day blastocyst is around 5 days and then transfer. Hope that makes sense but again you may need to down regulate longer or increase you lining for longer....will all just depend on how you respond to the drugs!xx

Thank you. That makes perfect sense.

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Hi, I’m with the same clinic same protocol, started down reg this week, will be on this for total 14 days before my down reg scan then will start progynova as well as continuing buserelin on the 25th if all well, another scan 2 weeks later and then transfer date will be planned if all well, I believe you are on the buserelin injections until the transfer date is planned and you are told to stop x

Hi, I was on that exact protocol (by the same clinic!) down reg took me 3 weeks - but the norm apparently is 2. They will remind you and help you with the protocol on your scans - good luck! Xx

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