anyone starting FET soon?

I have an appointment Tues to discuss starting a FET cycle

just wanted to find out how long the protocol is how many scans and will i need repeated blood tests as its been a year since my first fresh cycle

we have one embryo in storage x

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  • Hi ro5ie , i have just had my frozen emby transfer just 2 hours ago all i can say is its a longer process but alot less invasive, lots of different medications kept to in a strict routine , the whole process lasts 6 to 8 weeks with just a couple of blood tests to check levels of hormone with regards to the blood screening test i would say this will need to be done again hope this helps always here if you need advice 😀😘

  • thank you for the info hun hope all well for you an fingers crossed u get ur bfp. I thought the frozen cycle was less than a fresh cycle one of the nurses i spoke to remembered me from last yr she said she wasnt going to say anything but will when i go in so dont understand what she meant by that.

    We do have to pay to see the consultant so im worried that they may not allow me to start or is it upto the patient if they are paying? can i ask how much it cost you all together? I was told £950 for the transfer then extra if i do a medicated cycle xx

  • I did the medicated cycle , the f.e.t alone for me was £2000 and mediction was £500 so yours is a good price all clinics vary so much xx

  • theres quite abit of medication then I still have an unopened bottle of buserelin from my last cycle so if they put me on that again then that will come in handy I do agree it is a money making business x

  • The medication used on me is oestrogon patches , hrt tablets(progynova) ,progesterone pesseries and buerserlin injection so lots going on i wasnt given the choice of unmedicated as the sucess rates i have been told are generally higher its definitely a money making buisiness xx

  • theres quite abit of medication then I have a unopened bottle of buserelin so that will come in handy if i am on that again, I agree it is a money making business

    they told me if it was less than i year i could of just gone for the info session but its just over so i have to see a consultant again at £160 x

  • I'm doing a natural fet next month. No drugs really needed other than progesterone etc, will be placed back in mid cycle and thats it then, the 2ww wait begins! But my cycles are very regular hence the natural cycle xx

  • I've just started my fet. I'm not having down reg as struggle with the side effects and the success rates are comparable. I've just had to start taking oestrogen tablets from day 1 of cycle. My scan is day 12. If lining is good enough, I start progesterone pessaries about day 15 with transfer about day 20 as I have a blastocyst to transfer. Feels a lot more straight forward and no injecting :).

  • Hi Honey..

    I have just completed a fresh cycle but unfortunately couldnt do fresh transfer because they saw polyp on womb so froze two embryo while i have removed then going for FET, so info useful for me too! lol Just wanted to wish you all best of luck with your transfers ladies xxxxxxxx

  • Hi babez it depends if u do long or short protocal,i normaly get put on a short medicated protocal with 2 scans and it normaly takes 5 and a half to 6 wks start to finish hope this helps x x

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