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FET?...what happens


first cycle using fresh Blastocyst failed so now we are looking to start a cycle with FET...I wondered whether it was that much different to first cycle ie down regulation with buserelin then progesterone to thicken the lining, then implantation. I cant remember how long Iwas on the buserelin for and seeing as though I have down regulated once do they need to keep doing it?

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Hi tess

We are starting our fet after our fresh cycle failed.

Just home from ACU, had injection of prostap which is like buserelin but you only have the one injection to down regulate.

We are then back in 2 weeks to check to make sure I've down regulated then will start on estrogen tablets to build lining back up.

The whole point of down reg is to put your ovaries to sleep so they don't interfere with anything should you get to et.

So yes you'll need to down reg again unless your clinic offer / suggest a natural cycle. Our clinic don't offer this so we had no choice.

Hope that helps 😄


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Thanks Holly....it does....I'm trying to get my head round what to expect. I hope all goes well with your FET x


Hi Tess,

It seems quite straight forward to be honest...my biggest concern is that we only have one frozen embryo so worried about that.

Have you had your follow up appointment yet?

I had lots of questions at ours and also decided on having the scratch (had that this morning too) and also fragmin ( the blood thinning injections) as well.

You'll be started in no time ... How many Frosties do you have?

Holly x


our next apt is on 11 august, found out yesterday I had no heartbeat so waiting for mc :( but I rang today today to sort the review apt out as we want to keep things moving

we are quite lucky as have 4 frosties but im 45, been trying for 8 years. I have looked up about the scratch and I will go for it too if its offered. it dents your confidence a bit.

when do you go for ET?

Tess x


Hi Tess

Oh no I'm so sorry to hear that, it totally dents confidence. We found out a day before OTD that it hadn't worked and that was 7 weeks ago now and I've lived in a sort of bubble the whole time, no interest in work or anything .. It's a kind of limbo really. But I'd made the follow up appointment on the day of OTD as wanted to keep things moving and to have a plan going forward too.

4 Frosties is amazing ...

We have 2 weeks down reg then all being well on the 28th should start estrogen and your on those for about ten days I think then another 5 days for fragmin then if defrost goes to plan it'll be et so I've worked it week beg 8th August hopefully.

Just trying to keep my expectations realistic and not get too hopeful after our failed fresh it really floored me.

I hope the next few days are kind to you xx


I don't think you can but help to get excited, but a lot waryier too...im glad I read about blighted ovums before the scan or else I would have been completely unprepared and devastated..

not long for you now, I hope all goes well and I will have fingers crossed.xx


Thank you Tess xx


I had my first frozen transfer today, down reg is the same, then instead of menopur or equivalent, oestrogen tablets and progesterone pessaries for a week, sometimes longer to get lining >8mm then transfer is same as fresh cycle, they just thaw the day prior. I had 4 frosties but 2 didn't thaw well, so 1 transferred and 1 in freezer. You then have to continue oestrogen and progesterone up till week 12 if positive test! Its much less demanding and my side effects were almost none existent compared to my fresh cycle which knocked me about.


Thank you, I wish you all the best 😊

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