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Hi ya, so we have our pre consultation appointment tomorrow for a frozen transfer. This will b our 4th transfer praying all defrost ok, but our first frozen. So my 3 fresh cycles I have opted for endrometrial scratch. 2 of those ended in CP's and last cycle BFN 😪. I just wondered is there much point in the scratch, it hasn't helped my 3 previous cycles? Is there any evidence that it can actually harm possibly? I don't mind paying the extra money as in the grand scheme it's not much but I'm just thinking 3 times with it didn't work shud I give a go without it? Thoughts anyone?

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In the “Essential Fertility Guide”, Professor Robert Winston says that its promises are questionable but that it might be helpful for women who had multiple failures after embryo transfer. He does not speak about any possible harm.

However, it has not been offered to us and we did not investigate the matter further :(

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Littleflower82 in reply to MofM

Thank u, i think i will give it a miss this time.

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Hi Littleflower. I have not heard too many positive reports recently about the "scratch", but I suppose your specialist will advise yes or no. I would ask about the use of Clexane (heparin) blood thinner if not already used. It can keep a nice blod flow to the lining of the womb and hopefully prevent any clots forming. Sometimes use when a few failed attempts have passed by. Good luck with whatever is decided. Diane

Diane I am getting a steroid this time, wud it do the purpose as clexane or should I ask for it alongside it. I am thinking this time I might give scratch a miss, after reading all 3 replies.

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DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Littleflower82

Hi. The prednisolone will boost immune syste. You can have a Clexane too, see what they say. Diane

Thank u x

I’ve had a scratch last time and it didn’t help. I found it hideous so I will pass next time. Maybe try without it next time since it didn’t make a difference for you. Best wishes xx

Thank u I think I am goin to give it a miss this time, If it hasn't helped previous 3 than I can't c hours it will make a massive difference this time

I’ve had two successful cycles, one with the scratch and one without. My toddler was conceived through NHS funded fertility treatment and we weren’t offered the scratch. This time we went back as private patients and we paid extra to have the scratch (in the grand scheme of things, was not an awful lot of money) and so glad we had it as the treatment worked. It was our last ever shot using our last two frozen blastos so we decided to try it. Our consultant said we didn’t really need it however if we wanted one we could have it. Obviously I don’t know if it would have worked without it but being 25 weeks pregnant now I see it as a good thing we went for it xx

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Littleflower82 in reply to Devj

Ah lovely news congratulations. So did u have a successful cycle without the scratch aswell? It's not the money for me it's more the fact it hasnt helped in my previous 3 cycles.

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Devj in reply to Littleflower82

Thank you. Yes our first frozen cycle worked without a scratch, we have a energetic 3 year old as a result!

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with our second child from using our last two frozen blastos, which we had a scratch for.

My response probably doesn’t help because mine results are 50/50, sorry.

I hope you all the best with your next cycle xxx

There is a very large study currently taking place on the scratch. Their preliminary outcomes show no obvious improvement over non scratch patients, and argue that the pain and suffering possible by the procedure is not worth it. I chose not to have a scratch, I am now 12 weeks pregnant on the first attempt. Best of luck xx

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Sfarre in reply to Sfarre

Here's the data if you are interested:

Thank u so so much will have a read

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