Follow up- endo scratch?

So after my first failed ICSI back in Feb I had my follow up appointment yesterday. I have only started my second bleed today since it failed- the hospital have said I can start my FET on my next cycle end of April which is exciting. I have 4 frozen Frosties so 🙏🏻🙏🏻 

I have booked in for an endo scratch which is on day 21 of THIS cycle? Is that right? I though I would have this just before my transfer? I will have another bleed after the scratch and that's when il start my natural cycle?


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  • Hi, yes that's right. I had it the cycle before on day 21 as well. Good luck! 

  • Yes I had my scratch the cycle before. I believe it helped (along with acupuncture) as I'm now 7 weeks pregnant after a very long 4 years TTC. Good luck! 🍀 x

  • Congratulations!!! Xx

  • I just had it done last week on day 21. 

  • Thank you! Did it hurt? Xx

  • I had quite a lot done (hysteroscopy+cervical dilation+endo scratch) no it didn't hurt much because I was given the appropriate pain killers. Still a bit of spasms here and there but nothing crippling.

  • I asked my Dr about having a scratch (I also had a failed IVF in Feb) but she said she would not personally recommend it because there are no proven studies saying it increases chances of success... What are your thoughts on this? I can still have one done if I want to but slightly worried to go against her as she has been so good with us so far. 

    But now I see it's quite popular to have it done? Still undecided... 

    What is a scratch exactly? 

  • Well I've been told they 'scratch' the lining of the womb to help the embryo inbed. I've heard really good things and have been told by my private clinic consultant and NHS consultant that it does increase the chances so I am going to give it a go, why not hey? I get my FET on the NHS but have to pay for the scratch. This is my last go funded by the NHS so am trying everything possible that may help!

    When are you starting your next cycle? X

  • Hi Lianm8! Good news. I'm going to have my endo scratch on this cycle too on Day 21. Managed to get the Dr to book me one and more good news, I do not need to pay extra. So happy I read your thread and informed myself a bit more on the endo scratch. Thank you!! xx

  • Yay! That's brilliant news!! And even better that it's all funded!! When are you having it done? Xxx

  • It's been booked for the Friday 22nd April. When is yours? 

  • Thursday 21st April 😜 X

  • Thanks!! I'm glad I have chosen to go with it X 

  • The scratch is the lining in the womb where it's meant to make implantation easier so that embryo sticks.

    I've had it done and from my experience id recommend it as I'm now 7 weeks pregnant. I did have 2 embryos put back both did implant and stick but unfortunately one stopped growing at 5 weeks. I'd say the scratch procedure is a little uncomfortable but it's worth a try. Good luck xx

  • Congratulations!!! Thanks for the info I am happy I'm going with it now xx

  • I'd recommend the scratch as well. It was quite painful but only lasted 30 seconds. I'm now 24 weeks pregnant! X

  • Congratulations!! It's nice to see its worked on so many ladies I'm excited now 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Hi

    I read that a lot of places dont recommend unless you have a failed cycle of treatment.  Ive asked to have this procedure done as all I can think is that we only have a few chances at this and if it helps then it will be worth it!  My clinic actually dont do this routinely, so Im arranging to have it done privately before we start our first treatment.  Good luck!

  • Really great to hear about so many good feedbacks with the scratch procedure. Thanks everyone for sharing their views and for the link :) I might choose to have it done after all as I would do anything that would increase chances of getting pregnant! I am thinking to start my next cycle in May with a FET so I will check with my Dr if I can schedule in a scratch before that. I hope it is covered by the nhs but I'll double check this ... lianm8, thanks for putting this topic out there! Really helpful! Xx 

  • It's not covered by the NHS. It cost us £140 (even though our cycle was NHS funded). In my eyes it's obviously worth  it though ☺️ Some clinics only seem to offer it to people who have had failed cycles but mine offered it us and it was our first try x 

  • No problem. As the other ladies said its not NHS funded we have to pay £200 but I am hoping it will be worth every penny! Your scratch has to be the cycle before your transfer and on day 21 just so you are aware. Looks like we are having the transfers around the same time again! Xxx

  • Thanks Lianm8 and Murph82. Im going to find out how much my clinic will charge but definitely looks like I'm gonna have it anyways! :) 

    Lianm8, have you decided if you are going to put in 1 or 2 Frozen embryos? That's another decision hubby and I are discussing. Outcomes are so unpredictable making it a tough decision! 

    Have a lovely week ladies x

  • No problem :-) 

    The NHS said this time I can have either 1 or 2 put back in. My first round they only allowed 1 due to my age. But if we decided to put 2 back we would need to pay for the second.

    We have decided on just one as I have increased chances of having multiple births as there is a lot of twins and triplets in my family. If this go doesn't work and we go privately we will have two put back. 

    So nerve wracking I am already stressing over my next cycle and the transfer won't be for around another 6 weeks 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • I have just spoken to my clinic and it seems that they do not actually recommend the endo scratch in general. The receptionist didn't even know if they did it there and no price info either... *sigh* ... might need to have it done somewhere else maybe... I was just told to discuss it again with my Dr. which I did. Now gotta find somewhere near that would do it for me. Ahhh... (-_-)

    I also had only 1 put in on the first attempt and this time, we do have the option of putting in 2 although there was no mention of having to pay extra for deciding to put in 2. It is strange they would charge extra for a second as it is the same procedure. 

    It is exciting indeed as it is another totally different journey compared to the first time IVF treatment. Just trying to wrap my head around all the steps so we can have the timing right. Keep busy until then!! :p xx

  • It is not nhs  funded. We have paid £ 225. I think every clinic is doing their own prices. My clinic recommended  after the first failed cycle. For me it didn't work,but I think it is worthing to try it, at least you know you tried everything.  

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