Third time lucky... endometrial scratch, anyone?!

So, after a little break (Hi people who remember me!) I'm back for my third shot. This time it's going to be a frozen transfer, which I gather looks a lot different from a fresh transfer. Has anyone had any opinions on their experiences of fresh vs frozen?

The consultant has asked me to consider whether I want an endometrial scratch done before this next cycle. From what I gather, there isn't quite enough proper studies or evidence to prove that it's effective, but it seems to have a good reputation. Does anyone have any experiences with this?

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  • Hello! A FET is so much easier, less scans and only pills to pop, so no nasty injections, I almost forgot we were having a round to be honest with you! So I’ve just had the scratch, first time on round four, my clinic said although there’s not a massive amount of concrete research it does have promising stats, so my husband and I thought sod it why not! I’ve heard lots of ladies on here have it and go on to get their bfp! Good luck with the FET xxx

  • What was the scratch like? Was it painful? Xx

  • I had mine under sedation so it was easy! But most women have it awake so I think it’s not pleasant but ok xx

  • Aw man, I wonder if they'll offer sedation. I'd totally take it! Xx

  • Just ask for it, I also have transfer under sedation too!! We go through far too much for this, let alone having someone having a poke about! It does cost though, but personally I’d say it’s priceless!!! Xx

  • I had a scratch this time (4th), our consultant said not much evidence but no harm and worth a try! I’ve not had a FET but heard it’s much easier on you and also some suggestion it might be more successful because of less hormones etc. Good luck!xx

  • hey we just had our first fet on our 4th attempt sadly unsuccessful and I had the scratch...I think there is evidence growing on this approach and not too costly although painful we felt it was worth a shot. the fet is much less on your body too..good luck xxx

  • I'm sorry you didn't have better results :( xx

  • I’ve had a scratch 2/4 cycles and both of them were un successful (the other 2 I fell pregnant but miscarried) I personally wouldn’t have it again as for me it doesn’t seem to do much benefit but my consultant even says for most it does seem to help and have positive affects. I’d say if you haven’t tried it yet it’s got to be worth a go. FET’s are a lot less physically demanding, I still had to inject for down reg but I know not all women do. Wishing you lots of luck xx

  • I’ve had two bfps out of three rounds and both were with the scratch. Good luck xx

  • I had the scratch with my only FET can’t know for sure that it helped but we got our BFP. Good luck x

  • I would have it done. There’s no evidence that it causes harm and some promising evidence it can help, is my understanding.

  • Hi. I remember you saying your at glasgow . Did you get 3 attempts on the nhs ?or have to pay for your 3 rd one ? As I started end of Sep but got told I only get 2 attempts as 3 has not started yet on the nhs . I would love to know.

  • Heeey, yeah I only got 2. However, they'll allow you to use any embryos from an NHS funded transfer for free, so luckily I've got 4 embryos left from my 2nd round that I can use.

  • I have 2 embryos left from 1st round but don't know if they will be used for my 2nd attempted or I will do fresh again.Can I ask how long you where on the pessary for?i wss only on it 14 days. Thanks for replying 😊 good luck

  • Yeah I was on them for 14 days for both of my fresh goes. I'm about to start my first frozen one, I'd imagine the amount of time with progesterone might be more on a frozen transfer. Just guessing though.

  • Did you have any embryos left over from your 1st attempted ? And you asked for fresh again? i have heard you are meant to be on the progesterone for 13 weeks frozen or fresh .

  • I didn't have any embryos left over from my first attempt, so I had to do a second fresh cycle. Why don't you just ask the doctor if you're worried about the progesterone situation? The Royal have good success rates, I'm pretty sure they'll have a good reason for only giving it for 2 weeks.

  • Yes I am going to ask at my next appointment. The success rates where poor on the chart they have on the wall.and before 2012 when they had to close as there success rates went right down. You never get any answers from the doctors or nurses most of the are rubbish no manaros and are very rude . But they know they can talk to you that way because your getting it free and you cant answer bk to them .no compassion in there job your just a number.

  • That is absolutely not the experience I've had - everyone has been LOVELY and more than happy to answer my questions. I've got pretty much no complaints! They've got an article on their website from July this year saying they have the highest live birth rates in Scotland, so they can't be that bad!

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