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Endo scratch with FET any successful story?


Hello lovely ladies just wondering if any of u had successfully outcome using endo scratch?

I all ready had 3 fresh cycles and in just 2of them I had embryo glue . In last August I had natural frozen cycle but I haven’t add any “extras”so Monday coming I have appointment in clinic.

Last year I had two cycles and 3 embryos didn’t stick so now I have only two left and being recommended to use one at the time . Any advice I will be appreciate . Xx

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Hi Olivia,

I’ve been told by two clinics that recent research shows scratches don’t increase pregnancy rates so they don’t recommend them now. Sorry to be a downer but I know how expensive all of these add ons can be!

I really hope this transfer works out for you and your appointment puts your mind at ease 💖 x

Olivia1980xxx in reply to KiboXX

Thank u for replay.

2morrow I’m repeating all my blood test and one more progesterone blood test on day 21 even though my clinic didn’t ask .

Last year I lost 3 grade A embryos ...just couldn’t get my head around why😔even though I had my baby from my sec cycle 3 years ago.

They will probably give me a option to choose again natural frozen cycle or go for first medicated one.

I just don’t know what other “extras “I can do ? Xx

KiboXX in reply to Olivia1980xxx

I completely understand how you feel. It might be worth talking to them about the option to do a medicated one, I’m just in the process of a medicated FET now and the meds are very mild compared to a fresh cycle!

Don’t get too hung up on the extras, as you said you had a baby from your second cycle so you know your body is capable of doing it without all of that. You have two great embryos left and every chance that one of them will be the right one 💫

Olivia1980xxx in reply to KiboXX

When I had my second cycle I use embryo glue which I had my baby girl and we had one frostie from that cycle but when we check the AMH level (5.7) they recommended doing fresh so we did last feb. They only transferred one grade A and we use again glue but didn’t work😔

Because I have regular period and I ovulate the highly recommended to do natural frozen cycle and I had transferred two embryos grade A but we didn’t use any extras....and didn’t work😔

I have two grade C frozen embryos and I’m 39 so I’m bit scared now if is gonna work. Hun do u know if I go for medicated one and is not working how long after I can start next one? Or should I do natural one and after medicated one? Xx

It worked for me x


My first IVF round I didn’t have either the endo scratch or the glue and it failed. My second round which was my last frozen egg; I had an endo scratch and embryo glue and I’m currently 18 weeks pregnant.

I believe something helped and if I went for baby no.2 I’d have the same again, although there’s isnt a lot of medical proof that it does work.

I’m on the fence really if I’m honest! But on the flip side I believe the 3 day injection of Prontogest was the huge help to get me where I am today (painful but worth it).

Good luck xx

When I had my second cycle I did ask for scratch but she only recommended glue ...that when I got my baby . But I’m 39 and two frostie grade C so bit worried what to do to make it “work”😔

Congratulations hun xx

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