Endometrial scratch?!?!

Hi all

We've been put forward to have a scratch done along side our first cycle of ivf. Had a brief phone call about this today and a leaflet to read. I understand its mostly used for people who have had unsuccessful cycles. This is our first attempt 😏 Just looking for others opinions about this.

Is it a good thing to do?

Any input is appreciated as I need to make a decision by Thursday this week 😡 Thankyou!!

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  • Hello!

    I've had it for this, our first ICSI cycle. I was chosen to have it in a study that I participated in. I'm currently in 2ww so can't say if it's been successful but looking at the stats I think it can only be a good thing to try.


  • Hiya!

    That's the same as us. It's for a research study. I've got a leaflet to read through & talk it through with my other half but have an appt booked for Thursday already to sign the consent forms πŸ™ˆ

    Wishing you best of luck for test day 😊 xox

  • Hi jadep01. I had an endometrial snatch before our 3rd cycle. We got a positive result after the 2ww which unfortunately, ended in a chemical pregnancy. However, this was our mostly successful cycle to date. I'm planning on having another endo scratch before our next cycle as I'm wanting to maximise our chances. It's a bit uncomfortable but doesn't take long. Good luck with whatever you decide. x

  • Thankyou! And I'm sorry to hear about your chemical 😒

    I'm going to go for it. It only seems to increase chances,so I don't see why not. I've already got the appointent booked for Thursday for paperwork so fingers crossed ✌

    Best of luck for your next round! And thanks again for your advice 😊 xox

  • I've had 2 one ended in a chemical the other bfn. It's one of the few helping procedures you can have that has had the best research to show it can help improve implantation. I'm having it again for our 3rd try. Take some pain killers before hand it's not the nicest thing to have but over very quickly xx

  • Thankyou. I've made my mind up and I am going to go for it. I don't think any of the procedures are going to be nice but if it gives the slightest hope of a better chance of pregnancy then I'll give it a shot. Thanks for your advice xox

  • Hiya I have had this procedure 2 times now. In our last round we got a BFP but sadly we had a MC.

    I am down for having another one soon.

    OK so it is not the most pleasant of things but I do think it is worth it. You should be advised to take some pain killers 1 - 2 hrs before the procedure. Once the procedure is done you will feel fine. It is maybe 30 seconds or so of discomfort.

  • Oh okay- you have all made me alot more confident in my decision to go for it.

    Thanks again! Wishing everyone all the best xox

  • I had the scratch on our last shot FET after 3 BFN which led to a BFP and a successful pregnancy. Obviously I can't know that it was the reason it worked but one things for sure it can't do any harm. Good luck x

  • Thankyou! And congratulations to you.

    Yes I'm certainly up for trying anything to give us the best chance so I'll be signing away on Thursday and hoping for the best 😊 thank you xox

  • Hi Jade, the wife also had this done, due to her age, ( she's 38) the clinic wanted to give us the best possible chance (she actually had this done at the same time as them removing a pylop)

    We are now 12 weeks pregnant. Early days but I would like to think the scratch helped

  • Hi sanj thanks for you reply and congratulations! Hopefully this is the case, I'm going to go for it 😊

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