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Post Transfer Advice Please


Day 21 Post frozen transfer. I have had a positive pregnancy result but discovered today that i should have continued taking the little blue pill ( progynova) as well as the progesterone pessaries - but i have only been using the pessaries! I didnt know i had to use the blue pill too! I am now freaking out as not have the blue pill for the first 3 weeks following my transfer. Will this cause my pregnancy to fail or have a negative impact?

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Can you call your clinic? They should be able to advise? Sure it will all be ok xx

I would call the clinic and check. A lot of clinics stop all the pessaries and pills at otd so hopefully they will reassure you x

Oh, you sound flustered! I think you should visit your clinic right away. A professional opinion in such scenarios is really important. Don't waste time and get an appointment. Hopefully, it's nothing serious! Congrats on the BFP. Here's to a healthy and happy pregnancy, as well!

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