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10 days post FET transfer,


I had my transfer on 12/11/18 and I am currently 10 days post embryo transfer but can't hardly feel symptoms of pregnancy. Could I be pregnant?

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Some ladies don’t have any symptoms at all. Also what you may think aren’t symptoms ie; feeling like af is coming, can actually be symptoms! Good luck xx

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thank you, I am hoping that it will be positive this time. God bless

Have you done a pregnancy test? X

No not yet but this 2ww is really driving me crazy. My blood pregnancy test is on Monday 12/24/18

Maybe do a test and check Hun! X

You may or not be and the only way to know is to test! Good luck for test day!xx

Thank you. i really hope it will work this time

Yes you can! I haven’t my what I tghout ‘usual’ pregnancy symptoms this time round, I even woken up one day during tww feeling sooo not pregnant but it appeared that I was in fact and currently 6wks pregnant! The only symptom which started for me from OTD were sensitive boobs which they progressively hurt more and more as the days going along...

Good luck 😘

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Thank you. this means a lot. God bless

I felt absolutely nothing. I had like a light ache Lower back but I just thought I slept funny and one night I woke up with extreme nausea. So thought it didn't work but it did! So dont give up if u dont feel anything it's quite normal x

thank you. God bless

2ww messes with your head!!! You could be pregnant, don't get hung up on symptoms as they really don't mean anything. Best of luck hon, not long to go now xxx

thank you so much. God bless

Yes, I had a positive result with no pregnancy symptoms despite googling them and watching for them obsessively! I felt a little bit dizzy before my OTD but that was it xxx

Yes!! I honestly did not think for 1 minute that I was going to get a BFP! It’s still so early so no symptoms is normal.

Good luck xx

What was the result in end? I’m currently 10 days post second FET after first ended with a CP. struggling to stay positive as scared. Have had some symptoms but unsure if meds or it’s worked. Hoping it’s the latter. I refuse to do HPT as so scared after last time

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