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Bruserelin for FET

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Happy new year!!!

I’ve not been on here for 5/6 months, after goin through the first stages of ivf it’s taken a while and been very frustrating.

We have 1 embryo I’m just preparing my body for FET, currently on Bruserelin injections daily first scan weds to see if my lining is thin to start tablets 🤞🏼💉

Anyone else starting or in the FET protocol??


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Hi, I’m starting buserelin on the 11th so a few weeks behind you. Good luck, hopefully this will be the one for you xx

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Aw good luck to u lovely,

Yeh we decided to start the protocol earlier, so it started 25th November, injections Bruserelin started 15th December hoping to start tablets tomorrow for down reg to start 🤞🏼 need a thin lining my bleed didn’t start till late so only on day 5 😱

Good luck to u xxxx

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Thank you, I’m kind of terrified of what might happen following a twin mmc in November, but we’ve decided to get straight back on it and hope for the best with our little Frosties. Typical for your period to be late this month but hopefully your lining will be ready to go and you can move forwards, fingers crossed for you xx

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Aw I’m so sorry for ur loss.

We’ve had 5 losses since 2016 that’s why we’ve opted for the PGS genetic testing.

Fingers crossed are dreams come true in 2019! Xxx

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I can’t even imagine how hard this must have been for you, I’m so sorry. At least you know your little embryo is a good one xx

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Yeh which helps abit but at the same time we’ve so much medication to get my body ready, plus it’s a viable embryo it should work, if it doesn’t I don’t know how I’ll feel.

It’s a tuff journey but everyone’s got a story haven’t they.

Good luck to u too. Hope 2019 brings us our dreams and more xxx

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Hi S-wind. Just wanted to wish you well with your round of FET. Check whether you may need any anti coagulant to ensure good blood flow to womb lining. Your specialist may not feel you need any, but worth asking. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks, so scary the whole process, we got 15 eggs 6 fertilised and 4 strong enough to be tested for PGS we have 1 viable out of the 4 so fingers crossed.

I’m having Lubion and clexaine, on a long down reg a 21 day so been injection for just over two weeks, scan tomorrow to check lining fingers crossed it’s thin enough 🤞🏼

Thankyou xxxx

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DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to S-wind

Hi. My fingers crossed too! Diane xx

Good luck! I’m due to start FET on my next period around 14 Jan. x

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S-wind in reply to Ruby26

Are u!

Good look! An exciting but scary way to start new year isn’t it!

We had egg collection at the beginning of November, started the whole process injections ect, in October. Can’t believe Jans here waited so so long!

We had 15 eggs 6 fertilised had 4 frozen and tested for PGS have viable 🤞🏼 xxx

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Ruby26 in reply to S-wind

It is! I can’t wait to start but so nervous it won’t work. I had egg collection at the end of November with 8 in the freezer.

Sounds like you have a good chance! Fingers crossed for both of us! X

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S-wind in reply to Ruby26

Aw that’s so good! 8 🙌🏽

We’ve 1 I’m scared that if it doesn’t work we have to start over 😱😭 trying to think positive tho, maybe we’ll get more than 1 viable next time. 🤞🏼 keep me updated! 🍀

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