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Ready for FET


Hi again lovely ladies,

So here I am the night before my baseline scan for my first FET! I'm so excited to get started again...I feel so lucky to have some little frosties waiting for me. And it's such a strange feeling going into it with a little bit more understanding of what actually happens...I feel much calmer knowing what to expect. Does anyone have any specific tips for FET that might differ from a fresh cycle, or just the same with diet and keeping stress to a minimum (much easier to do that with FET!)

Also, I'm sure I'm not alone on this, but who works out every possible date that could be a potential baby birthday?! I do the whole "so, if the lining is ready on this date...transfer would be...2ww is blah...and then potential due date is..." haha!

Hope everyone is coping ok, and keeping those feet and uterus warm especially in this freezing weather! xx

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I havent done a fet yet.... but have read that eating pineapple core, brazil nuts, avaocado, pomegranate juice is all good.... good luck xx

Thank you Destiny121, I have also read this, so have an organic pomegranate juice in the cupboard waiting for the 2ww! I will stock up on the others too. Thank you for your good luck! All the best to you too on your journey xx

Hey Chrissie, good luck with your scan tomorrow I had mine today & my transfer has been booked for next Tuesday. And yes I have already worked out the due date if all goes well! I think everyone secretly does 😝

We will be 2WW buddies 😘xx

chrissie_81 in reply to Hope85

Yay Hope85! This is so exciting! I think I will be a bit later now unfortunately as my endometrium didn't seem to want to budge! So I had my second scan yesterday and still endo is 4.1mm...but they just called to start me on my Oestrogen tablets today! Yay! Next scan now not until 4th April, which is a bit of a bummer as I was getting all excited about a possible Christmas Day baby! hehe!! Hope you're feeling well and positive xx

My scan was last Friday and my transfer is this Friday. I’m on oestrogen and progesterone and under a lot of stress... I’m finding it hard 😒

Hi Lizzie, hope your okay here if you want to talk xx

Thanks x

Oh Lizzie, I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling so stressed, it's such a rollercoaster isn't it. I think, if I have my days correct, you have had your transfer today? I hope it all went well and you're now relaxing at home and looking forward to a chilled weekend as you deserve. Thinking of you and sending love and positivity xxxx

Thank you for remembering, transfer went smoothly today so fingers crossed for the 2ww now! Hope you are ok x

Just to say good luck with this. I've started taking progynova today and so hoping I will not be too far behind you. Having a scan next Monday. How long have you been told it takes to build up the lining? Am eating Brazil nuts and avocados like they are going out of fashion! All the best, xx

chrissie_81 in reply to Mannjj43

Hi Mannjj43, hehe, yes to the avo and brazil nuts, I need to start!! I have only just started my Progynova this afternoon as my endometrium was being I am unsure how long it will take to build back up but my next scan is 4th April, so fingers crossed for a transfer on 5th April (which would mean a day after Boxing Day baby!!). Hope you're feeling well, and positive with it all xx

Mannjj43 in reply to chrissie_81

Fingers crossed the progynova does the trick! Also bought some baby aspirin today as keep reading about it but never tried it. Nothing to lose! Trying to keep calm..we've only got one frozen embryo and so trying to stay positive. Just want to get him back inside and see what happens. Good luck with the avocados and Brazil nuts- not cheap!! Apparently they had a crop shortage this year and so ultra pricey! Hey ho...all the best xx

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