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FET details

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Hi All,

This is the first time I’m posting. I have been advised to go for FET. I have been told that I will be using nasal sprays on 22 day of my cycle for FET to be done in Jan.

I received the medication and they were injections and not Nasal Sprays. Can anyone tell me what’s the FET procedure please and what to expect. I’m on NHS cycle.

Many thanks.

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The injections are the same medication as the nasal spray....for me these were more effective than the spray. So you will start injecting which will down regulate your body and cause a bleeds. After this you will start on estrogen medication to increase your lining (this can be patches on your skin or tablet form), lining is sometimes checked by ultrasound. Once your lining is nice and thick the clinic will start you on progesterone pessaries around 5 days before transfer and thaw your embryo(s) for transfer on the day of transfer. Hope that helps.xx

Thank you so much .

Hi Mirah, what date do I start? I have just started my nasal spray yesterday.xo

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mirah in reply to jm22

I think it’s 21st day of your cycle after your period.

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jm22 in reply to mirah

Sorry that was meant to say what date do u start. I though maybe u were starting this month on meds. xo

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mirah in reply to jm22

Yes I’m starting this month on 22nd Dec. My fresh cycle was cancelled as I had mild to moderate ohss. Starting now to do FET in jan.

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