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Surgical Management for miscarriage warning

I have thought long and hard about writing this post but wanted to share my experience and if it helps one person then it is worth it.

Three years ago I had a missed miscarriage and had an ERPC (surgical management). Like lots of ladies I just wanted it over and done with and didn’t want to wait to miscarry naturally as it was so traumatic and I was told by the hospital that the two medical managements I had had failed. It later became apparent that they hadn’t and I had already miscarried and ended up having surgery I never needed as I was never scanned prior to the surgery.

Unfortunately I was left with Ashermans syndrome from the operation and my womb is too scarred for me to now carry a baby as the lining is too thin. Back then it wasn’t mentioned on the consent form as a risk but it is now.

I have come to terms with this as much as you can and we are now in the final stages of approval for adoption so I will be coming off this site very soon.

I just wanted to ask anyone that reads this and finds themselves in the awful position of a missed miscarriage to really think twice about having surgical management. If you can consider the less invasive options even if they take longer and are more upsetting. You are told the risk is rare but it isn’t as rare as you think and lots of women seem to have lining issues after surgical management.

A very low risk routine procedure changed my life and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else x

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Thank you for sharing, I am so sorry to hear about what you have gone through, and I think it was helpful to tell your story.

Congratulations on being at the final stages of the adoption process xxx

Sending you a huge hug and a very good post to make everyone aware of what can happen xx

Very brave of you to share. Congratulations on the adoption xx

Thank you for sharing this. I hope everything goes really well with the adoption process. Xxx

I'm so sorry you had to go through that and the medical professionals failed you to such an extent. Thank you so much for sharing your experience & im wishing you all the best with your adoption xx

Thank you for sharing this. I had read a blog by a lady in a similar situation before I began IVF and when I miscarried I knew that I wanted to avoid surgery, which in my experience the hospital are very quick to push you towards. So perhaps you will help another lady who may be in that position this year. I hope that your adoption journey is successful soon x

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I’m glad you avoided it and sorry about your miscarriage. Yes they do push you towards it x

Thank you for sharing. It's very brave of you x x

Sending you hugs my love...

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