7w3d scan x surgical miscarriage?

Dear ladies please get to me asap for this question.

I am obviously heartbroken after no heartbeat result of 7w3d scan on 22 September. Was given information leaflets for miscarriage options. Mustered up to get a review appointment on 28 September, and then I asked for starting my new FET , and nurse told me she would send me medicine in November for FET. Having done that.. I thought of doing surgical miscarriage to help from it soon till new FET starts. And I was also scared of pain and heavy uncontrollable bleeding so I decided in my head to go for surgical option.

As of now, when I am reading of one fellow here in this forum saying she got no heartbeat at 6w3d scan but after 3 days s she was lucky to know of heartbeat in another scan. Now I am confused........

Please help me advise me... Am I going to kill my gem if I believe on no heartbeat result and opt for surgical miscarriage??????? Should I wait for ...... Please please please I would go mad... Tell me what should I do?????? Please...

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  • Surely you could ask them to double check before the procedure? Then you'd know for sure. But at 7 weeks there should definitely have been an audible heart beat and what about development? Was that consistent with age as well?

  • I don't know anything other than... No heart beat seen on that day.I don't have any idea about development consistent with age. They simply told me that by 7w usually we would be able to look for a tiny heartbeat...

  • What a horrible decision to have to make. Have you asked your doctor whether there is any chance it could be delayed development? At least that would put your mind at ease and make it easier to stick to your original decision. If you do go ahead with the surgical miscarriage then make sure you look after yourself afterwards and give yourself time to grieve x

  • It means I can request for double check before they go ahead. I am going to call and collect information on these lines.

  • I just called the nurse to ask the chances of heartbeat and she said unfortunately no. So I think this is quiet an assurance????. Any advice??

  • Hello. I understand how heartbroken you are. I really know. It's coming up for a year since I had mine. I would see if you can go to early pregnancy unit at the hospital for another scan just to make sure a hundred per cent. Then that way you will be more reassured that there is no heartbeat. I am really truly sorry. Take time to grieve the loss. I didn't really. xxx lots and lots of love. Xxxx

  • When you said take time to grieve, I thought I have healed. But I melted down again when hospital called me for surgical miscarriage date and time tomorrow.... It's not over.. It's around the corners somewhere... My baby to be is going.... Away from me....

  • It's a horrible situation to be in....from what you've said, you need to have further clarification.

    As one of the other ladies said, try contacting your EPU or even consider paying for a private scan.

    You do read about people that are told one thing and the outcome is different.

    You are going through enough without tormenting yourself further.

    I know that when I was told about a possible impending miscarriage, the clinic continued scanning until there was no heartbeat and even then, I opted for a natural miscarriage, as I needed to know that things were happening on its own..

    I remember when we were told that baby was measuring small and heartbeat was slower than previous scan that it wasn't going to be a happy ending, even though you hold on to that final bit of hope. Friends tried to help by saying there's still a heartbeat so stay strong....sometimes your gut instinct just knows :-(


  • I tried EPU fire scan but have not been able to get their call back. Would try them tomorrow early morning so that I could get scanned before surgery..

  • Just wanted to say I am thinking of you today. Xxxxx

  • Doctor scanned again today but no heartbeat or blood line so far. They gave me a weeks time for surgical removal. I don't know if I could keep hope on my side or no??? Even without progynova tablets and pessaries this little things is so intact in my tummy... I was expecting it to be dissolved by now but... It's still there... Although without any signs which doctor want to see... Strange for me...

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