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Endometrial Sratch?


Hi there, I have just started my first IVF cycle and need to make a decision over next few days if to have the ES on day 18/19. I have heard mixed feedback but thinking it can only help rather than reduce chances?. My clinic in Oxford offers. Any advice or good articles found on this? X

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I had an ES with my first and only round of IVF and am now 33 weeks pregnant. Can’t obviously say if it helped, but for me personally I wanted to have it done. Good luck xx

Thank you. Nice to read a positive story that is great news and best wishes for your pregnancy!

It has not been offered to us. However, in the “Essential Fertility Guide”, Professor Robert Winston says that its promises are questionable but that it might be helpful for women who had multiple failures after embryo transfer. Costs may help deciding?

Thank you! I will take a look into that guide. The cost is negligible against the cost of IVF to be honest

Don't know for definite of course but my daughter also chose to have the scratch with embryo glue and has just had a gorgeous baby girl good luck I hope it works for you whatever you decide x

Hi! I’ve had two! One on my first transfer, which sadly ended in a chemical! Didn’t have one for our fet which we got a bfn! And had one with our second cycle which I’m now 6 weeks pregnant!!

I think they are definitely worth a go xxx

I had 2/5 cycles and both of them were unsuccessful but I do think I go against the ‘norm’. If it’s something you haven’t tried before and can afford it I’d still say it’s worth trying at least then you can’t wonder ‘what if’ x

I’ve had 6 transfers; 4 endo scratches, 3 bfps and 3 bfns. Of those bfps I had a scratch on two of them. I didn’t opt for one this time mostly for financial reasons and because the last two scratch cycles were bfns. It’s probably worth it if you can afford it just to be able to say you tried it xx

I had it - unfortunately BFN but that was probably my low quality embryos. I found it quite uncomfortable but it’s pretty quick. If you can afford it, it’s probably worth trying, especially if it might help a little bit. Good luck!

Hey,I had it done with my second ivf n I'm 8 weeks pregnant with twins. First ivf we didn't try n we had bfn that cycle. It's worth a try :)

We got a scratch just before our second round of IVF. That round was a BFN. However, we went for a third round and am now 19 weeks pregnant. We did get it privately but cost is small compared to IVF. Our clinic currently doing to a trial/research project in the scratches and I didn't fit the criteria (age). One thing our consultant did point out/are thinking about is that they are still unsure as to how long the effectiveness lasts - is it only the immediate cycle that has any benefits or is it subsequent cycles??

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