Endometrial hyperplasia

Oh boy, just when we thought things were going so well. A little out of the blue I got a call from the medical director at our clinic yesterday who told me that having reviewed my pre-transfer polyp removal report I appear to have endometrial hyperplasia. Apparently a benign condition that involves the womb lining thickening / a grouping of cells. I've been told 'not to worry' and we've been 'upgraded' to see the most senior consultant for our scan next week and will also see the medical director then to discuss further. Basically this condition apparently can be a pre cancerous state although isn't necessarily so, and shouldn't affect the pregnancy but would need to be monitored after. With my mum currently dealing with ovarian cancer this was not a call I wanted to have!

Has anyone else been diagnosed with this condition?


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  • Oh no so sorry to hear that xx

  • So sorry to hear this, please try and concentrate on your pregnancy now, stay positive as much as you can..I think mentally it plays a big part in healing! All the best. Xx

  • Sorry you received the call.... but try not to panic just yet.... hopefully it's not something that serious and your journey will continue to go ahead smoothly . It's frustrating and worrying I'm sure but you must try to remain calm Sipidania.

    Our thoughts will be with you and pray that all is ok

  • So sorry to hear that Hun. On a positive note, sounds like u r in very good hands for it to be monitored.is this something that's triggered by pregnancy or they have discovered due to the pregnancy? X

  • I'm not really sure to be honest! Will find out more on Wednesday

  • Keep us posted on what they say.hope all ok xxx

  • Sorry to hear this but sounds like your in good hands xxx

  • Hi sipidania. Oh dear! So sorry to hear this, but was wondering if you have had a hysteroscopy (womb x-ray) prior to diagnosing this?? Often the thickened lining is due to excessive levels of oestrogen, which may need to be suppressed by use of a drug such as “Danazol” or “Letrozole”. This would probably be used for a few months in order to “switch off” your lining, which would then give you a better chance of conceiving when the drug is stopped. Occasionally, laser treatment is used to try and stop it’s over activity. You could then carry on with IVF if that was recommended by your consultant. Endometrial problems can be a tricky subject, and a correct diagnosis needs to be made. Let’s hope that you don’t have to wait too long for any prescribed treatment and you can continue with IVF or whatever. So sorry to hear about your mother too, and I hope that all is going OK for her. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi Diane - I'm nearly 8 weeks so not planning on stopping this journey if we can help it! I had a polyp removed prior to our FET and apparently it's further analysis of that report that has uncovered this. Should find out more at our appointment on Wednesday. Our consultant said that as I'm taking progesterone anyway to support the pregnancy that should keep it under control for now.

  • Hi sipidania. Oh goodness of course not! Good that you are still using progesterone, which is what I would expect. Hope all goes well with your Wednesday appointment. Do let me know how you get on if you can. Diane

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