Endometrial scratch

Just wondering if any of you lovely ladies have had the endometrial scratch? and was it was beneficial to a successful cycle ? I'm due to have the scratch done next week ahead of my 3rd IVF hoping to start beginning of September. My Last 2 cycles I have been on the long protocol but now been advised to do short protocol and have the endometrial scratch to help a successful cycle. Anyone in same situation ? or can offer any advice it will be greatly appreciated. Baby dust to you all. Xxx

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  • Hi, I would recommend the scratch! It worked for me. It can be a little uncomfortable but its worth having it done. Im now 27 weeks pregnant. Best of luck x

  • Thank you kimmy2016, I have geared it can be uncomfortable and to take pain relief before procedure fingers crossed it will work for me too. Good luck with rest of your pregnancy xx

  • Hi Helenlou, I had the scratch this time and I had a successful cycle. I truly believed it helped. Good luck for your 3rd cycle, fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thank you Daisy32 all the positive comments I'm having is great. Sometimes it's good to try new things to see if does make a difference. Xx

  • Our clinic recommended it, said they had positive results. It's not particularly uncomfortable and cost £225 privately Xx

  • We are laying £250 for our scratch on Tuesday, but seeing as we are funding this cycle ourselves it seems only right to pay bit extra to try everything..😆 xx

  • That's pretty much what we thought! x

  • Hi Helenlou. Well, I am hearing of more sucesses following an endometrial scratch, which is really encouraging. All down to the repair process following it that seems to help with implantation. Just wanted to wish you well with it, and of course for success. Diane

  • Thank you Diane they are also hoping the short protocol also will make a difference, so fingers crossed this is our time I have all blood test done and have all come back fine! So here we go again! Xx

  • I had it for our FET round (1st round BFP=miscarriage & 2nd round BFN) even though they said its normally for recurrent implantation issues. We got a BFP, but sadly miscarried again.

    We've been changed from long protocol to short for this private round and I've had the scratch again. If I didn't have it, I'd always think what if...

    Good luck :-)

  • Hi hollibob thank you for reply and so sorry for what you have been through, it's just so hard isn't? We doin short protocol on our privately funded cycle too. Which I'm excited about as it seems so new again. Let's hope we are going to get successful this time. Lots of luck to you. Xx

  • I too am starting my third cycle soon, I start sniffing tomorrow and had the scratch a couple days ago, also I'm having the glue as well. When I got scanned before the scratch she told me things are looking good and my ovaries are looking healthier this time (think we've been struggling a bit with quality of my eggs). Hopefully healthier looking ovaries means healthier eggs! Good luck on ur third cycle, really hope it works this time! we are struggling with what to do next? We have been looking at going abroad but there's so many options! And we've got to save the money up! Good luck! Xx

  • That's sounds sounds positive. We are trying to improve the quality of my eggs for this cycle and been told a short protocol will help along with scratch.. It's so hard to decide what to do isn't? I know I'm not ready to give up yet. We are self funding for this cycle so going to try everything! To you have acupuncture I have found this really helpful. Good luck to you xxx

  • I looked into acupuncture briefly but not sure how often u have to have it and is quite expensive. How often are you having it?xx

  • I have mine every 2 weeks, but then every week near egg collection. I find it so beneficial and definitely recommended it. My hubby also sees a big difference in my mood when I have it as I found it helps me relax with the process. Xx

  • I'd recommend the procedure. For me, personally, I found it very unpleasant and one of the worst things during the treatment, but we were on our third and final ICSI IVF attempt so threw everything at it. We're now the proud parents of an 8 day old baby girl! ☺

  • This is so amazing to read sweetpea76, huge congratulations on your baby girl! I'm definitely hearing a lot of good reports on the procedure. But it seems I have to stock up on my pain relief! 😱. Xx

  • I had the scratch before my first round and I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't pleasant....we didn't get as far as embryo transfer but I'm definitely doing it again for the next one! I spoke to a consultant at work...not mine & he said there's loads of good research for it and would definitely recommend it!! Good luck!xx

  • Thanks for reply cinderella5, I'm hearing it's not very pleasant but hoping the pain is going to be short lived 😏 and the outcome will definitely be worth it. I'm glad it hasn't been too bad to put you off having it again. Good luck on your next cycle lovely. Xx

  • No don't be put off at all! Just don't want you to think it's ok! Bit like a smear but more unpleasant. I only had cramping for around 2 hrs later so afterwards it's no bother!! I took 2 nurofen before and would recommend! You're right though pain would be worth it!!xx

  • Consultant told me to take paracetamol and ibuprofen.. So fingers crossed have asked hubby to take day off to do lunch etc.. Make a day of it lol! Xx

  • I went straight after work by myself and the consultant asked who was with me....nobody! He said don't drive if you feel sick....that made me expect the worst but honesty once the actual scratch bit was over I was fine to drive home. I didn't think about taking a sanitary towel with me.....duh... and got told I would bleed....so got given a nappy like towel....Didn't need it! Ha ha ha You'll be fine!!👍xx

  • I was actually thinking that eRlier that I need to remember to bring a sanitary towel with me I have been on northisterone tablets since beginning of month to stop me having my period until end of month.. I'm now on day 48!! So I guarantee to bleed after scratch.. Thank you for your replies xxx

  • I had scratch with my first cycle that one failed so far so good my FET has taken I'm awaiting my 7 week scan a week Friday . I have endometriosis they advised I have a scratch each time, I found it extremely uncomfortable but tolerable sooooo worth it if that's what helped my womb be juicier and more habitable for my eggy. X

  • Hi helenlou . This is my second cycle long protocol . In my first one they didn't use any "extras". With that one I ask if we can use endo scrach and embryo glue but my doctor told me that I don't need endo scrach this time but they recommend to use embryo glue . If I want they gonna be more then happy to use on my next cycle. 😔 I read too that endo scrach it help ...just go for it . Good luck Hun xx

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