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First ultrasound results. Good and bad news. Reassurance needed 🥺


Hi everyone.

Just came home from my first scan.

Heart beat was seen, which I am very grateful for.

I am 6 weeks an 5 days and the embryo is only measuring 6 weeks and 3 day. Not sure what to think about this, hope it’s not too bad. Any idea anyone?

What really worries me was a large bleeding seen lateral to the embryo and that is 3 to 4 times bigger than the embryo itself.

The lady performing the scan says she can’t comment on it, what I understand, but made me so worried now.

It looks that the bigger the bleeding the worst the outcomes are 😕

I didn’t have any vaginal bleeding so far, but apparently I’m likely to have it any time.

I called my clinic but they can’t advise this late as they don’t have access to the system right now, so I’ll have to try again tomorrow...

I am terrified...

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re: the dates, I really don't think a 2 day difference is anything to worry about. Ours was 2 days ahead of the time since my last period. And I later noticed on the photo we took of our ultrasound it gives the date with standard deviation +/- 4 days so I really wouldn't worry about that.

The bleed I really don't know about and I'm keeping everything crossed for you that it's nothing serious. I know some women do bleed, even quite a lot, and the pregnancy is fine. I hope someone on here can give you some reassurance about that xxx

CatDV in reply to MissSaoPaulo

Thank you for your reply and for the good wishes 😘

Hope all is good with you and your little one xxx

MissSaoPaulo in reply to CatDV

De nada. Tudo tranquilo aqui ;)

CatDV in reply to MissSaoPaulo

Fico muito feliz 😊

Beijinho 😙

MissSaoPaulo in reply to CatDV

Scan today and my 'little one' is now 5 days ahead. We're calling it Shrek for the time being.

Have you managed to speakto someone at your clinic? Could they give you more info? Hope you can speak to someone today and are not left worrying over the weekend and then Christmas xxx

I don’t think the two day difference is anything to worry about. I think I measured around 1-2 days behind.

We also had a bleed and could see it on our ultrasound picture and it was pretty large compared to baby and this was after two big bleeds so I just carried on bleeding until about 10/11 weeks. Hopefully you can get some reassurance from them tomorrow x

CatDV in reply to Hydromermaid-1

Thank you so so much for sharing your experience.

I’m so glad to hear you are successful despite the bleeding being large xxx

Hi CatDV My daughter, who is almost 6 months old, was an ICSI pregnancy and when I went for my 12 week scan she was measuring 3 days behind which they kept reassuring me was perfectly normal. I hope that offers you even a little reassurance. I’m sorry to hear you are worried about a potential bleed, I really hope it doesn’t come to much and I’ll be thinking of you. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

CatDV in reply to Lou9

Thank you for your reply ☺️

Hi cat

Oh gosh- doesn't get easier does it?

Did you have two embryos put in or one? Could it be the second sac that's bleeding?

I do wonder if this is a side effect of IVF as I've come across lots of women who've had big bleeds /cells separate to the embryo sac and it hasn't affected the embryo at all.

My friend had a gush of blood described exactly like yours but they couldn't work out why and it didn't affect embryo

If the sac had been compromised or anything serious I'm sure the sonographer would have contacted a doctor urgently

So rest assured and when you do bleed request another scan to make sure all ok. Hope you get good advice tomorrow xx

CatDV in reply to Saya85

Hi Saya

Only one embryo was put back.

Yes, my recent research suggests that this kind of haemorrhage is more common in ladies that go through IVF. Not sure why 🤷‍♀️

Hope I’ll be as lucky as your friend ☺️

Thank you for your comment xx

Saya85 in reply to CatDV

I wonder if it's to do with the extra pessaries etc

Maybe it creates a break in the lining or as the embryos are implanted there is a bit of rupturing that manifests later

IVF is still such a mystery but thankfully plenty of positive stories and least you are aware

Good luck xx

Measuring a few days behind isn’t a big deal. My clinic said they see it all the time. It’s great that you got to see the little heart beating away. Magical ✨ As for the bleed though that must be so so scary. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that everything turns out ok 🤞🏻 xx

CatDV in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you my lovely xx

Hi. I don't very often post as I don't really feel I have the right to as it's my daughter that is going through this very hard and stressful process and not me. However I read your post and looked it up on the internet and found this article which I hope will put your mind at rest My daughter goes for her scan tomorrow so fingers crossed she will get good news. It seems that with every step there is good and bad news. I hope the clinic will be able to put your mind at ease and the rest of your pregnancy will be worry free. Wishing you all the very best. I do think all you ladies are extremely brave and wish all of you success.

CatDV in reply to Worrymum

Thank you so much for sending me this article, how thoughtful ☺️

Best of luck for your daughter’s scan today. I will be thinking of her xxx

Worrymum in reply to CatDV

Thank you

Hi, on my viability scan they also saw a blood clot. It wasn’t as big as yours but the clinic said it was nothing to worry about. I’d been spotting so for me seeing it and that it wasn’t attached to the embryo actually helped put my mind at rest. I know it would be preferable if it weren’t there at all causing you any worry, but if you do start bleeding properly then at least you know what’s causing it. Hopefully it gets absorbed into the lining of your womb rather than coming away which is a possibility too. Good luck!

CatDV in reply to Lynnr54

Now that you say that, I didn’t ask if mine was attached to the embryo or not 😕 the report says “hematoma lateral to the embryo”

Let’s hope that as you say it does get absorbed xxx

Throughout my first pregnancy I had 3-4 hematomas. The first at just 4 weeks (basically right when I found out I was pregnant). I bled ALOT and it was very scary. Most likely the baby will continue to grow and the hematoma will get smaller. The bigger the baby gets the less risk and it also depends where the bleed is located. It took about 2-3 weeks for the hematoma to disappear from each scan. Just take it easy...and when you see blood (you may not) just be reassured you know where it is coming from.

So glad you had a positive outcome even with so many hematomas 😊

Really hope the place where mine is located it’s not a dangerous one 😐

Thank you very much for replying xx

Sorry to read this bet you have worried all night. As others have said try not to worry - I hope the clinic give you some reassurance today xx

Thank you Daisy xx

Still waiting for them to get back to me.

I’m trying to be positive now and concentrate on the healthy heartbeat... but of course it’s difficult not to worry on the back ground

I was always a few days behind on my early scans. I also had a large haematoma which continued to show on my scans until 20 weeks.

If you're not bleeding and have no pain then things are likely to be fine. I continued to spot until 13 weeks after a massive bleed at 7 weeks. I am 25 weeks today.


CatDV in reply to Mantaray75

Thank you for the reassurance 😊

I remember how turbulent was the beginning of your pregnancy.

I am so pleased that you came this far and the baby is healthy ❤️

All the best for the rest of your pregnancy xxx

Hi CatDV, I can’t offer any advice as I haven’t got the right knowledge. I hope all works out well for you. Sending lots of love xx

Thank you my lovely!

That’s so kind of you xxx

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