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After a year of waiting, I have finally requested treatment from my clinic for FET from last years ivf. I am really not sure how to feel, I am trying to be excited, but after 4 failed iui and 2 failed ivf, I am struggling. This is my one and only frozen embryo and after this, one way or another, I have taken the decision that this journey is over. Let’s hope it is over in a positive way and the best has been saved for last x

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Wishing you the very best of luck xxx


Wishing you the best of luck. We have just started our 2nd FET medicated cycle after a chemical pregnancy in March and a cancelled (and very prolonged) medicated FET, 5 days before transfer day in October. I'm really hoping 2019 is a better year for us both :) xxx

Good luck with your frostie x


Hi Em. Just wanted to wish you well with this and getting your little embie back home where he/she belongs. Do mention whether using some Clexane (heparin) injections to prevent any clotting, or any other supporting medication may help. Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

Hello Em2804,

I hope everything works out for you. Keeping everything crossed for you. Good luck xx

Hi Em

Good luck with your fet! Fingers crossed for you, i hope it works for you. And i hope that the fact that you have more or less made your decision gives you peace of mind to be able to relax, no matter what the outcome is!

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