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Feels like I'm on repeat

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So I started stimming on Wednesday 28th for my third cycle. Had my vaginal ultrasound yesterday to check on how my follicles are progressing and I only have 2 follicles really doing anything and 1 of those that is a decent size at 19mm. On a positive note my lining was at 9.3mm. It just feels like I have a repeat of my second cycle where I only got one egg at EC. Feeling very negative, but hoping I've done enough this time round with getting the quality up. EC is booked for tomorrow and transfer is Monday. 🤞🏼 this isn't a repeat of round 2! Wishing all you ladies and gents lots of luck in your journeys xx

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Best of luck hon xxx

Thank you xx

Good luck AnnieAnnie

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AnnieAnnie in reply to Camillage

Thank you Camillage xx

Good luck xx

Thank you xx

Your follicles may progress even after your trigger shot and they are already in a good situation! My fingers crossed for u! Good luck! xxxx

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AnnieAnnie in reply to Paris1771

Im so hoping this is the case. Thank you xx

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Good luck Dear

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AnnieAnnie in reply to Nafisa_

Thank you xx

Good luck lovely. In my current cycle they hardly saw any follicles on the scan and they got a shock when they went in to collect - there was more than they had seen - we didnt know there were that many there! So it could be the case they are hiding and will appear over the next 3 days or so. But even so like you say quality is everything not quantity though so either way its a winner. Got everything crossed for you xx

Wishing you lots of luck 💕 xx

Good luck xxx

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