Due EC on Thursday... 60 follicles so far?!

Hi guys,

This is my first post on here and my first IVF cycle.

I have a Q- apparently I have 30 follicles stimulated on each ovary ... 3 above 14mm so EC has been arranged and quite a few largish ones on each side also. They reckon more will be ready...

Is this figure not a lot of follicles?? Is it likely theyl all be collected and fertilised?

They did say it will take a good 20mins EC! But we're quite positive all round... I'm just a little worried now that I will Overstimulate /have a painful EC

Is 60 a lot?? The most I've read on here is 30 follicles. I'm 32, with pcos

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  • 60 does seem like a lot... but this is coming from someone who only produced 7! x

  • Thanks for replying emu... Now that I think about it she did say more likely less than half will stay immature so I guess it will be closer to 30follicles. Also no guarantee how many eggs will be released/mature enough !

    I've had 6 months of hell running up to the IVF but the actual process has gone very smoothly! I'm wondering if the luck is about to run out...

  • That's reassuring! :)

    Those six months of hell sound familiar. Just relax and go with it... I'm sure it'll all be fine xx

  • 60!!! You could service us all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Good luck for egg collection I am sure you will get a decent amount of mature eggs from your overcrowded ovaries.

    Good luck Mrs 😘❀

  • Lol! My sister already has first dibs on any 'spare' babies I have lying around πŸ˜‚

    Finally my pcos is paying off with extra follicles!

    Thank you very much for your well wishes xx

  • Honestly u penned my heart out LBM1979 πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ˜‚

  • I think this is probably because of the PCOS - but its good you have some large follicles too.

    I think you just have to ensure you drink lots of water at this stage.

    Take care..

    Agree with LMB1979, you could service us all. lol..

    All the best for the egg collection x

  • Lol yes the pcos is finally paying off. The follicles suddenly increased in size over weekend so fair few large ones... But my problem in past has always been Anovulation. Let's hope this pays off

    Thank you xx

  • Wow, 60! Bet that was a long scan counting those up! Your ovaries must be the size of watermelons.

    Be very wary of ohss and keep up the water.

  • Yes! A very long scan... And painful too as left ovary is very deep. I was wondering what she was up to after a while!

  • I have PCOS and anovulation too and the only benefit of it was all the eggs when it came to Ivf! I had 40 odd follicles and had been worried about overstimulating but when it came to ec, they got 19 eggs, saying that some were either too small or that they couldn't get to them. I did end up having them all frozen as bloods were too high and I was at risk of Ohss. It all worked out though as I'm now 15 weeks pregnant from our first try!

    I'd advise as the others have said, drink as much water as they've advised and look forward to getting what should be a great number of eggs. Best of luck x

  • Thanks! That's what I'm a little worried about too @ eggs too small or difficult to get too. My bloods and hormones have been absolutely fine so far and they gave me an extra Gonal f night too... But I had the trigger injection yday and I'm feeling the effects today. Def very lethargic nauseous and dehydrated. I'm hoping I don't have full on OHsS- was hoping for embryo transfer soon- but I guess what's for the best will happen.

    Great number of eggs though and congratulations on getting pregnant! You give me hope πŸ™

  • Congrats on 25 eggs, that's brilliant! Hoping fertilisation goes well and you can transfer at the best time.

    Thankyou, it's still surreal as we'd been ttc for nearly 5 years. It all worked out in the end though and I hope it does for you too x

  • Thank you ladies for your advice, you put my mind at rest.

    Thankfully i had my EC this morning and they managed to get 25 eggs!

    I was so out of it I couldn't even feign any enthusiasm (I think it threw the embryologist offπŸ˜‚)

    Waiting tomorrow to see if they fertilise- decided half icsi and half natural - fingers crossed πŸ™

  • Wow 25 that's amazing. Well done get plenty of rest now xxx

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