Good news....EC Thursday👍🏽

Hey ladies 😘

So today I had my final scan and we have got at least 5 perfect size follicles on the left side which was hiding and produced nothing last cycle and about 2 good size on my right which she said was absolutely perfect....

Sooooo nervous and scared for EC on Thursday and hope it all goes well and our follicles go on to be grade a goers....

Good luck to you all starting, going through it on thinking of it.

Saying for today

Different actions....different results xxx

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  • Good luck

  • Hi Tamtam well done and good luck! I have just been booked in for EC on Friday morning! I'm both anxious and excited xx

  • Awwww good luck... How many did you have. Even though I been here before it still very daunting.....

    Different action different result xxx

  • I think my EC will be on Thursday too. Good luck!

  • Good luck my love xx

  • Great news. Pleased for you! Stay calm and lots of good luck wishes for yr EC / ET and beyond. Xx

  • Thanking you hope 😘

  • Sounds positive TamTam1! I wish you every success x

  • Woo! good luck! Let us know how you get on xx

  • Hi Tamtam I've got 8 on my left 6 on my right. This is my first cycle so I'm not sure if this is good or not? What time is your EC? Sending you lots of positive thoughts x x

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for EC.

    Good to hear that left ovary has responded well!

  • Good luck sweetie. That's fab results. It will all be fine. :) xx

  • Good luck ladies hope everything goes well this time. Xx

  • Thank you all for your wishes

    Coming right back at you all xxx

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