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Feeling sad after egg collection 😔


Sadly today’s egg collection resulted in only 4 eggs as follicles had popped and couldn’t collect any others. Why they popped is unknown and apparently rare it hurts to think 2days ago I was fine and had a better number of follicles than last cycle so was on track to do so well.

They also think I might be ahead of ‘transfer window’ and so may have to freeze embryos and transfer another time to increase the chances which means I will need to wait another month?

But all depends if I have any quality embryos to freeze ... I know you only need one and it’s quality and not quantity but when you have unexplained situations you cant stop thinking what else is going to go wrong next. Feeling sad 😔 today

Sorry to bring a downer on the forum

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Oh sorry to hear about that. Am sure it can get pretty frustrating. But finally the number of healthy embryos is what we need go focus on. Hope all the four of them make great quality embryos. I have read about many cases with just one egg retrieved and that leading to a successful preggo

wilbie in reply to hopeful123456

Thanks for the reply, hopefully I am lucky enough x will hear from the embryologist tomorrow to see how they are getting on 🐣

Try and be positive. I only had 4 eggs , 2 of which went on to become good quality blastocysts. Quality over quantity always!

wilbie in reply to Kempton

Thank you. I hope it is quality over quantity x

Kempton in reply to wilbie

I should add that although my transfer wasn't a success, my second one was. And now I'm a mummy to a wonderful 1 year old :)

Hope you have lots of luck in your fertility journey!

wilbie in reply to Kempton

Thank you for the positivity x

Heyyy it's quite frustrating I know. But 4 is better than nothing for sure. You might get all of them fertilized and they might all develop nicely. Don't lose hope and keep as positive as you can. Good luck and i hope you get very good news 😍😊🤗xxx

wilbie in reply to Klndmr

Thanks. Just worrying why these follicles have popped For no reason.. and constantly thinking why me😥. I was worried about getting to the clinic today due to the heavy snow last night. Of all the times to snow it had to happen yesterday 😱. Thank you for the positive vibes x

Klndmr in reply to wilbie

Too much stress i know. Luckily you were on time. The follicles do whatever they want... Mine were growing perfect and half way through half of thrm shrunk and they couldn't find any reason for that. And then at EC i had more than 20 follicles and managed to retrieve 4 eggs only..

We never know that's the worst part of everything. Just keep you head up and never ever lose hope! Keep us posted ❤😊🤗xxx

wilbie in reply to Klndmr

The unexplained is the difficult part, you’d think this day and age we would know more about these unexplained situations. Thank you for the positive encouragement.

Aww... sorry to hear you’re not feeling great. I had 4 eggs in my first collection, all of which were mature, 3 fertilised normally and I went on to have a positive, but sadly had a miscarriage. My other embie we transferred as a FET at a later date. Please don’t give up hope 💕💕 xx

Hi Wilbie, just reiterating the other lovely commenters - it definitely is quality over quantity, so don't fret about the numbers. Sending lots of love your way and fingers crossed for a positive embryology report! x

wilbie in reply to KDA0510

Thanks x

We’ll all be wishing your 4 eggs well. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻 xx

wilbie in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you x

Might be worth asking the consultant why this happened. Did they collect too late after trigger? Did they wait too long to collect?

See what they say.

Good luck x

wilbie in reply to Hollibob

They are not entirely sure, they actually went 2 hours earlier this time as a precaution as in the last cycle they had a suspicion i ovulated and therefore collected late.There will be a follow up meeting with the consultant to discuss. 😬

Don't be discouraged I had four eggs on my collection day. Felt really downhearted but I am 34 weeks pregnant with one and one in the freezer. It's quality not quantity! Best of luck to you xx

wilbie in reply to Blueberry16

Thanks for the encouragement I hope so too and Congratulations to you btw. X

Wishing you and your 4 little eggs the best of luck xxx 💕 💕

wilbie in reply to Heuchera

Thank you!

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