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Hello everyone my Egg collection day was yesterday and they retrieved 11 eggs ๐Ÿ˜ƒ..... Waiting on the phone call this morning to let me know how many have fertilised I'm so nervous. The procedure was great didn't feel a think .... It was just a light sedation but I don't remember anything at all haha and not to much discomfort afterwards didn't need any painkillers anyway so all good :) xx

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  • Hi, looks like we are exactly the same! Egg collection yesterday went so much better than I had thought just like you I woke up and couldn't believe it was all over. I'm a little tender today but nothing bad. We also got 11 eggs just anxiously waiting to hear how many if any fertilised today! Fingers crossed for both of us, let me know how it all goes this week - thinking of you xx

  • Great news, fingers crossed for you.

  • Thanks pm27, how did your appointment go? Do you have your egg collection this week? X

  • Scan was fine, everything is as it should be, they could see 8 10mm follicles yesterday. More scans tomorrow and Friday and egg collection on Monday.

    Good news about fertilisation rates. Thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck.

  • That all sounds great, wishing you lots of luck for EC! X

  • Thank you we got 7 fertilised such a relief :) xx

  • Great news! Well done x

  • Great news. I'll be thinking of you over the next few days and wishing you all the best for ET.

  • Hello I got my phone call there and 7 eggs have fertilised :) my heart was pounding in my chest I never thought this process could be so scary. Fingers crossed for you let me know thinking of u also xxx

  • That's fab news! I have to call after 11 but my we heart is beating just like you I think I was so concentrated in getting through the injections n op that I forget that this is probably the toughest part as it's back to the waiting game again! A week or hurdles! Do you know if it will be a day 3 or 5 yet or do you need to call each day? X

  • Fingers crossed you get lots of good quality embryos.

  • Just called and we got 9 out 11 fertilised which I'm so relieved about. Now fingers and toes crossed we can take a few to day 5 for transfer stage. What a week.......

    Good luck girlies xx

  • Brilliant news so happy for you ..... Yes this morning was so tough .... Mines is a 5 day blasto I am having transfer on Saturday morning..... Then just got the waiting game .... So scared but trying to stay positive ..... Good luck everyone :) xx

  • Lots of luck to you for your transfer and beyond! Don't be scared, Think of it as a small procedure that may bring a big amount of joy! Had my 5 day frozen transfer on Tues. So on the joyous 2ww! Lol! Xx

  • Fab news! Good luck for transfer x

  • Good luck ladies. I also had my egg collection yesterday and am booked in for embryo transfer tomorrow afternoon. Scary stuff! Keeping everything crossed for all of you at this stage x

  • Lots of good luck wishes to you for your transfer! Stay calm. Easier said than done I know. The full bladder bit gets me. Especially when they keep u waiting! Take care. Xx

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